The Lord Shiva who presides over the temple is called Amritha Gateswarar. It is believed that while transporting the Nectar Amritha which they got by churning the ocean of milk, the Devas kept a pot of Amritha in Thirukadayur. This pot became one with the land and became the siva linga. It is also believed that it is at this temple that the Sage Markandeya prayed Lord Shiva and could avoid death forever.

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The Lord Shiva who presides over the temple is called Amritha Gateswarar. It is believed that while transporting the Nectar Amritha which they got by churning the ocean of milk, the Devas kept a pot of Amritha in Thirukadayur.

This pot became one with the land and became the siva linga. It is also believed that it is at this temple that the Sage Markandeya prayed Lord Shiva and could avoid death forever. Abhirami means She who is attractive every moment of time. This goddess is believed to be extremely powerful and fulfills the wishes of all her devotees. One of her great devotees of the past was Abhirama Bhattar.

He was so much her devotee that he never used to think of any other thing except her. This made him look like a mad man. People even suspected him of practicing evil rites. One day Raja Serfoji, the Mahratta king who was ruling over Tanjore visited the temple. The Archakas told him about Abhirama Bhattar. The king while returning to the palace casually asked Abhirama Bhattar the Thithi. Abhirama Bhattar who was at the time seeing the Goddess in his reverie, answered that it was Pournami Full moon.

Raja went his way. But actually the day was Amavasya New moon. Bhattar realized his mistake soon and felt extremely sorry. He then set up rope hangings and hung in them. Below he created a huge fire. He prayed Goddess Abhirami to prove that he is right. This he did by singing stanzas in praise of Abhirami. As soon as one stanza was completed one rope was cut. He also composed the stanzas in such a way that the first word of a stanza was the last word of previous stanza this style of poem is called Anthadhi meaning end-start.

It is believed that when he completed the 79 th stanza, the Goddess appeared before him and reassured him that she will do the needful. She took her Thadanga a diamond ornament and threw it in the sky where it stood.

This was so sparkling that it appeared like a full moon. The Goddess also ordered Abhirama Bhattar to complete his poem. He continued and ended with stanzas. Raja Serfoji realized how great Abhirama Bhattar was and honoured him. The language is not the spoken Tamil and this was further complicated by the fact that the first word of the next stanza should be the last word of the previous stanza, making the thought process of the stanza entwined.

An attempt has been made here to translate Abhirami Andhathi in to free verse and following the rules of Andhathi. In other words, it would be Abhirami End-start poem. The meaning and import of the stanzas composed by Abhirama Bhattar are retained in English too. I hope you would enjoy this attempt. Not being a great poet either in Tamil or English, I believe that there are likely to be errors and shortcomings.

I beseech you to pardon me for those. Oh black coloured Ganapathi. Who is the son of the Lord of Chidambara, Adorned by the red iris and perfumed Champaka flowers, And my goddess Uma, Who shares half her Lords body, Please grant me, my desire, That this song whose one verse begins, With the last word of the previous one, Praising my mother Abhirami, Who created all the seven worlds, Should remain in my mind forever.

Showering gold, And costly necklaces of pearl, Oh the consort of Lord Shiva, Who has the crescent on his head, For those devotees of your feet in their last birth, Are prizes too small.

Meditating on thy three eyed face, When one is alone, Is the greatest penance, Dont you think. And Oh mother, make me realize. Those who do not understand, The greatness of devotees thine, And fall from hell to hell, Parted company, I have from those men.

And the feet of thee great mother, Makes one never to reach, To those who are base and ignorant. And who have done no penance, For you are like a beacon light. Whether believe you or not, In the truth which was, is and will be, There is nothing else to be had,To you from that power great. Wherever you see, That is she my mother, Who is beyond all that you see, But never goes she out, From my mind, which is hers, Knowledge of this they always had, The Lord who slept on a banyan leaf then, And Shiva my lord.

But you made me, Who lives praising thee, Using sweet and chaste Tamil thine, To tell truth and lie to another, At various times, Is this thine mercy, Goddess who is red. But I request you, oh mother, Who has the sweet cane as her bow, And five flowers as arrows, To be like the mother on earth, Who has the softest feet, Pardon and love, But not to punish for mistakes great, Their sons, whom they fed their milk. How lucky I am, Mother, who is the daughter of mountain great, And red eyed Vishnus sister of gold.

Never will I sing except your fame, And never will I see anything except thee, And thine glittering luster, In this earth and on its sides, And also in other worlds of this universe. To him you gave love, And the wise god, with six heads, And twelve hand, as his son, Oh mother, Does it not show thine great strength.

Except thine flower like feet, I dont have anything else, oh mother, You who sit with the Lord, Who has the golden bow. These words mine written thus, Even if they are bad and worse, Since they are your names, Become thine holy chant.

Did you show to the world thine victory, Over the Lord Shiva who made to ash, The god of love Manmatha, Who is the sweetheart of Rathi, By thine playful action And you his left side occupy. Should be my solace and help, When the Lord of death comes to my bed, For you will console me and appear. You have breasts like the reddish pots, song. Please say oh, mother, Who was she of the green colour and darling of earth, And who was she born as a tiny tot in the family of Madanga, Is it not my goddess who is the greatest beauty.

When she who has the reddest feet By walking in the way of Vedas, our books great, When she who is like the tender climbing plant, With the crescent in her head, And when she who is youthful in colour green, Is there, never will there be, problems for me.

Because for his problem to solve when you were irate, Our lord Shiva kept his head on thine feet, Which is like the lotus that is red. But for me who sings her praise, Kept she her lotus like feet. Also kept she her name, As the beauty of Tripura, And her two merciful eyes. If one thinks her holy feet, AS his only our only begotten wealth, Then he would be in the world of Indra, And see the dances and songs from maidens fine, In the shadow of the all wish giving tree, And be there and forever live.

Oh you who is in the left side, Of Lord Shiva, who wears the garland of iris, Followed by flying bees for their scent, 11 You are in my eye like a pearl. Thine necklace of pearl, ear studs of diamond, Merciful eyes, coral mouth and pearl white teeth, I have written, Are the only companions for my dying eyes. When that royal path I have, Why should I only now sin, And fall in the hell forever, By the bad peoples company.

That the reign without end, penance that gives peace, And a place in the world of Shiva, they all will get. Whatever I do to you from now on, Even I fall in the mid sea, my mother, From where you made me act, And Appeared thou before me in thine true form, As my eyes danced madly at thine sight, All these are but, Thine will and drama, Oh, my beautiful Goddess. Move I will not with people, who deceive, But will never ever quarrel, With those great ones, Who do not say mine and thine, I, Oh mother, with wisdom small, For mine eyes are but thine light.

Now on, I tell you all, There are no religions to think, And more than my mother dear, And the pretty sweet heart mine, them I desire. How shall I sing your grace, Oh, my lord Sivas consort, Occupying his left, for your deed.

And thou who art the beautiful young lass, With firm pretty breasts, that attracts my lord, Would say to me then, fear not, oh my son. Then I will shout, mother, oh my mother, And come to you with a running The powerful Vajarayudha of Indra, Karpaga, the wish-giving tree, Will they forever have. She who has narrow hips like thread, She who is the left part of our Lord, She who makes me never to be born again, Should be worshipped by you, So that no more birth you see.

And where is the need, For me to follow some one else. Or for me to follow their path, Oh Goddess mine, The holy trinity ever praises 16 and beg And you can never be seen, By the ignorant and the chaff, Oh, mother Abhirami. This desire in my mind to see you perhaps, May be Result of my previous lives good deeds. To kill the ogres of Tripura, Who abused the lord in their crooked mind, When he who is the colour of red, Took the bow which is like a mountain high, You on his left side lived.

And when they sing that thine eyes are like Doe, And thine breasts are like sweet cane, All they tell you are but lies, For words mother mine, Are of no use to describe thee.

Devotees thine come to thee, oh mother, Not because they understand but because they desire. Is not new to you mother, Even if they do unpardonable sins. You who reside on the left, Of the Lord with the black neck, Even if you excuse me not, I would your holy feet praise in this life. Beyond the seven seas wide, And those seven mountains high, In between the sun and moon, This glittering method shines. Have I not given all that I have to thee, Oh imperishable mount of virtue, Oh sea of grace, Oh Himalayas daughter who is pretty and tender.

Even if for one second they think of thee, Never will they get any time ever again, Another skin, blood and flesh filled body, Which is like a hut. Then come before me with thine jingling bangled hand, And say, do not fear. She who is the musical note, Fitted to the strings of the lyre, Oh my leader.

You only enter the mind, Of people who know the truth, And not in theirs, Who live on lies, Oh nightingale fine. One who has shoulders like bamboo, One who has the bow made of sugarcane, One who has arrows made of flowers, One has pearly white teeth, One who has doe like eyes, You never leave my mind forever. So thine devotees, Oh mother, Will neither die or be born in this earth, Under this sky.

And who has three eyes. Translated into verse by P. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers.

Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Abhirami Anthathi English. Uploaded by violet. Document Information click to expand document information Description: Useful for every day use and worship of the Goddess in Tamil. Abhirami Bhattar is the author of this work and this was sung at Thirukadvaur, Tamil Nadu.


abirami anthathi lyrics in english

Thaaramar konraiyum sanbaga maalaiyum saaththum thillai oorardham paagaththu umai maindhane! Udhikkinra sengadhir, uchchith thilagam, unarvudaiyor madhikkinra maanikkam, maadhulambodhu, malarkkamalai thudhikkinra min kodi, men kadik kunguma thoyam-enna vidhikkinra meni abiraami, endhan vizhuth thunaiye. Thunaiyum, thozhum theyvamum perra thaayum, surudhigalin panaiyum kozhundhum padhigonda verum-pani malarppoong kanaiyum, karuppuch silaiyum, men paasaangusamum, kaiyil anaiyum thiribura sundhari-aavadhu arindhaname. Arindhen, evarum ariyaa maraiyai; arindhugondu serindhen, ninadhu thiruvadikke;- thiruve! Manidharum, thevarum, maayaa munivarum, vandhu, senni kunidharum sevadik komalame! Porundhiya muppurai, seppu uraiseyyum punar mulaiyaal, varundhiya vansi marungul manonmani, vaar sadaiyon arundhiya nansu amudhu aakkiya ambigai, ambuyamel thirundhiya sundhari, andhari-paadham en senniyadhe!. Senniyadhu, un pon thiruvadith thaamarai!

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Abirami Anthathi Lyrics in English – Songs 1 to 10

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Abhirami Anthadhi

Since this anthadhi was sung on goddess Abhirami residing in Thirukkadavur , Tamil Nadu , it is known as Abhirami Anthadhi. Although Tamil literature consists of hundreds of Anthadhi songs, Abhirami Anthadi is praised as one of the prominent Anthadhi songs of Tamil literature. It is said that the author of this song, Abhirami Bhattar, was an ardent devotee of goddess Shakti. Once when king Serfoji I visited the Thirukkadavur temple on the day of the new moon and asked him what day it is, he mistakenly said that it was a full moon day. This made the king angry and sentenced Bhattar to death. Legend says that he sung this anthadhi until the goddess appeared in front of him and threw her earring towards the sky, which lit the sky bright like the full moon. Tamil Shaktas believe that recitation of Abhirami Anthadhi on the full moon and new moon days will result in impossible boons.


100008.Abhirami Andhadhi-Slogam 8: Word By Word Meaning


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