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Installations- und Bed ienungsanleitung. A ll righ ts reserv ed. No p art of t his. Corpor ation to p rovide noti fication of suc h revision or cha nge.

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Installations- und Bed ienungsanleitung. A ll righ ts reserv ed. No p art of t his. Corpor ation to p rovide noti fication of suc h revision or cha nge. If there is any software on removable media described in this docum entation, it. TXT or! If you ar e unable to locate a. If you are a United States government agency , then this documen tation and the. All technical data and computer so ft ware are commercial in nature and.

T echnical data is provided with limited rights only as provided in DF AR. Y ou agree not to remove or deface any p ortion of an y legend. Unless otherwise indi cated, 3Com registered trademarks are registered in the. United States a nd may or may not b e registered in othe r countries.

Intel and Pentium are registered trademarks of Intel C orporation. Microsoft Co rporation. Novell and N etW are are registered trademarks of.

Novell, I nc. Electronics Engineers, Inc. All other compa ny and product names may be trademar ks of the resp ective. It is the policy of 3 Com Corporation to be environmentally friendly in all. T o uphold our polic y , we are c omm itted to:. Ensurin g that all waste. Maximizing the recyclable. End o f Life St atement. Regula ted Mater ials Stat ement. Environm ental Statemen t abo ut the Do cume ntation.

The doc umentation for th is product is print ed on paper that comes from. The varnish is environmentally friendly , and the inks are. Conv enti ons 7.

Docume ntation Comm ents 8. Product R egistrati on 8. Over view of th e Basel ine Swi tch 9. Features and Ca pabilitie s 9. Power -over -Ethernet Capability Physic al Features Rear P anel Pac kage Co nte nts Importan t Safety In formation Positi oning t he Switch 1 8. Rack-M ounting or Free-Standi ng Usi ng the Mounti ng Kit Mont agesa tz Anw eis ungen Supply ing Power to the Switch Checki ng for Correct Operat ion Using SFP T ranc eivers 2 2. Approved SF P T ransceivers Insertin g an SFP T rans ceiver Remo ving an SFP T ransc eiver Perf orming Sp ot Chec ks Requireme nts for Acce ssing the Web I nterface Loggin g On to the Web Int erface Navi gati ng the Web In terfac e Port Stat us 3 1.

Acces sin g the Swit ch us ing the 3C om Swi tch D ete ct. Runnin g the 3Com Switch Dete ct Applica tion 3 2. Configur ation Ov erview Devi ce Sum mary Info rmati on Admini stration S ettings Modif ying the IP Addr ess Sett ings Automat ic IP Configur ation Backup Co nfigurat ion 3 8.

Restore Con figuration Firmw are Upgrad e System Access System Name System Ti me Conf iguring VL ANs Spa nning T ree Br oadc ast St orm Configuring Po rt Settings Link A ggregation Addr ess T able Port M irroring Cable Diagn ostics 7 2. Rese tting to Factor y Defa ults Forgot ten Stat ic IP Address Solving LED Issues If the P roblem Persis ts 7 7.

Registe r Y our Product Purchase Value-Added Servi ces T roubleshoot Onl ine Access Softw are Downl oads T elep hone T e chnica l Support an d Repair Contac t Us Envi ron mental Phys ica l Elec tric al Console Ca ble Modem Cabl e Getting S tarted wit h the Comma nd Line Int erface Cons ole P ort Logging on to the CLI Automatic Logout Concurrent CLI Sessions Thi s guid e descri bes ho w to inst all yo ur 3Com Sw itch. Unles s note d other wise, th e feat ures , spec ifica tion s and.

Device drawings,. Where features. This guide is intende d for use by t hose responsi ble for.


3Com 2226-SFP Plus Manuals

The hype surrounding gigabit Ethernet and the drive to push it out to the desktop has generally overshadowed a number of other developments within the field of networking. Despite the standard being ratified in , we've seen a comparative trickle of products supporting When we reviewed 3Com's higher-end PWR, we were impressed with the level of management features, particularly those centring round PoE information. This was certainly much better than HP's efforts. The latter's PWR switch see issue , p only provided basic details, and even these were available solely from the CLI.


3com 2226 PLUS User Manual

Switch type: Managed. Basic switching RJ Ethernet ports quantity: Full duplex. MAC address table: entries, Switching capacity: 8.

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