Sach Nr. Fuji Semiconductor, Inc. Box - Dallas, TX - - www. High performance alternative to small signal diodes where space does not permit use of power rectifiers. May be used in hostile environments where hermeticity and reliability are important i.

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Next, gener- Terms and Symbols 50 al operating considerations for solid- state power devices are discussed, Power Transistors — Technical Data 53 and symbols and special terms used RF Power Transistors — Technical Data to characterize these devices are Power Hybrid Circuits - Technical Data 45 listed. Suggested Hardware and Mounting Arrangements Transistors and Thyristors General information such as test Application-Note Abstracts circuits and waveforms, dimensional outlines, suggested mounting ar- RCA Sales Offices, Manufacturers' Representatives, and rangements, and lead forms for Authorized Distributors plastic packages are included in an Appendix at the back of the book.

The Appendix also includes ab- stracts of relevant RCA application notes. However, no responsibility is assumed by RCA for its use; nor for any infringements of patents or other rights of third parties which may result from its use.

No license is granted by implication or otherwise under any patent or patent rights of RCA. Page Device File No. Type No. RCP 30 50 min. Current Gain Sw. Ti mes A. BDB 80 25 min. Check availability in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Times A. TO-3 2N 90 15 2 30 50 0. TO-3 2N 70 40 3 60 0. IC Max. Schematic diagram of type HCH operational amplifier. Schematic diagram of type HC operational amplifier.

Motor control, magnetic-deflection amplifiers, solenoid Low-distortion, high-power amplifiers for audio and other driver, low-frequency oscillator amplifier, voltage regu- end uses where internal overload protection is not required.

IM DlST. HC 0. Output Data Min. Collector- Min. Ill" 1 " 1. With flex, leads, With flex, leads,. RCA encap. Ir RMS 7A 3. RCA Isolated encap. V 25 min. V 9 min. This guide provides a quick reference to more than industry power devices power transistors, and triacs and their nearest RCA replacements. The nearest RCA device silicon controlled rectifiers, is. However, it is The metal shells of some solid state devices operate at the essentia] that equipment designers be mindful of good collector voltage and for some rectifiers and thyristors at the engineering practices in the use of these devices to achieve anode voltage.

Therefore, consideration should be given to the desired performance. In dations and precautions which should be followed in the general, in any application in which devices are operated at interest of maintaining the high standards of performance of voltages which may be dangerous to personnel, suitable solid state devices. It is important during the teristics.

Some of the heat can RCA whenever device applications involve unusual electrical, be absorbed if the flexible lead of the device is grasped mechanical or environmental operating conditions. When incorporating the TO-3 or TO often serve as the collector or anode these devices in equipment, therefore, designers should terminal. In such cases, it is essential that the mounting. Under no circumstances, however, occurrence.

The small size of most solid state products provides directly to the heat sink or chassis because the heat of the. However, it should be recognized that these compact devices Soldering is the preferred method for mounting thyristors;. Devices which cannot adjacent leads and the metal envelope.

When these devices be soldered can be installed in commercially available. Electrical connections may also be made by supplemental protection must be provided to prevent the soldering directly to the terminal pins. Such connections may development of electrical conductive paths across the be soldered to the pins close to the pin seals provided care is.

For specific information taken to conduct excessive heat away from the seals;. The pliers should hold the higher than the ambient temperature by an amount which lead firmly between the bending point and the case, but. The heat sink must have should not touch the case.

The heat sink or bending fixture, the following precautions must be observed chassis may be connected to either the positive or negative to avoid internal damage to the device:. In many applications the chassis is connected to the 1.

Restrain the lead between the bending point and the voltage-supply terminal. If the recommended mounting plastic case to prevent relative movement between the hardware shown in the data bulletin for the specific lead and the case.

When the bend is made in the plane of the lead. When the bend is made in the plane perpendicular to that and the chassis. The burrs should then be 4. To insure 5. Avoid repeated bending of leads. It is also important that an insulating bushing, such as Force in this direction greater than 4 pounds may result in glass-filled nylon, be used between each mounting bolt and permanent damage to the device.

If the mounting arrange- the chassis to prevent a short circuit. However, the insulating ment tends to impose axial stress on the leads, some method bushing should not exhibit shrinkage or softening under the of strain relief should be devised. Otherwise the thermal Wire wrapping of the leads is permissible, provided that resistance at the interface between device and heat sink and the point the lead is restrained between the plastic case may increase as a result of decreasing pressure.

The of the wrapping. Soldering to the leads is. When in molded-silicone-plastic packages are available in a wide wires are used for connections, care should be exercised to range of power-dissipation ratings and a variety of package assure that movement of the wire does not cause movement configurations.

The following paragraphs provide guidelines of the lead at the lead-to-plastic junctions. However, simple bending of requirements, and describe various mounting arrangements, the leads is permitted to change them from a standard thermal considerations, and cleaning methods. This informa- vertical to a standard horizontal configuration, or conversely.

Mounting Lead-Forming Techniques Recommended mounting arrangements and suggested. Although these leads AN NR A is recommended are they sufficiently rigid for unrestrained wire wrapping to minimize distortion of the mounting flange. Excessive Before an attempt is made to form the leads of an in-line damage to the package.

Larger lead-bending fixture should be designed and constructed. The holes are needed to accommodate insulating bushings;. When the use provide hardware clearance and, in any case, should not. Care should be exercised to assure that the tool maximum rating. However, when the device is mounted on a used to drive the mounting screw never comes in contact heat sink, care must be taken to assure that all portions of with the plastic body during the driving operation.

Such the thermal circuit are considered. An excellent method of avoiding this when mounting RCA molded-plastic solid state power problem is to use a spacer or combination spacer-isolating devices, the following special precautions should be bushing which raises the screw head or nut above the top observed: surface of the plastic body.

The material used for such a. Mounting torque should be between 4 and 8 inch- carefully selected to avoid "cold How" and. Suggested materials for these 2. The mounting holes should be kept as small as possible. Holes should be drilled or punched clean with no burrs or fiberglass-filled polycarbonate.

Unfilled nylon should be ridges, and chamfered to a maximum radius of 0. Modification of the flange can also result in flange 4. The mounting surface should be flat within 0. Thermal grease Dow Corning or equivalent should because the heat required with this type of solder will cause always be used on both sides of the insulating washer if the junction temperature of the device to become excessively orie is employed. The bleed rate of the thermal-grease high. Thin insulating washers should be used.

Thickness of Electronics Corp. Socket No. PTS-4 or equivalent. For factory-supplied mica washers range from 2 to 4 mils. A lock washer or torque washer, made of material having mounted in a Jetron Socket No. DCI04 or equivalent. Use appropriate hardware. The usual practice is to submerge components 2.


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Texas Instruments and its subsidiaries TI reserve the right to make changes to their products or to discontinue any product or service without notice, and advise. How do you get an MCU design to market 74ls The implied decimal zero condition requires no input condition as zero is encoded when all nine data lines are at a high logic level. Both devices have data inputs and outputs which are active at the low logic level. Welcome to our site!


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