The reading procedure of Devi Saptashati is given here in detail version. Many devotees are confused on how to recite this powerful text — on which day, which adhyaya chapter needs to be chanted.. Navangam is a method for which nine prayers are recited prior of starting reading the book. As per the prescribed methods in ancient scriptures, Devi Mahatmya should be read in one sitting.

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This story is from August 9, Goddess Durga is said to be one of the most powerful deities in the Hindu religion. This all sums up to say that Goddess Durga blesses her worshippers with strength, patience and many such virtues, but she even destroys the things that need to be destroyed. She treats her worshippers just like a mother treats her children.

She loves in a most caring way and she is equally likely to get angry when required. One of the best ways to appease her is by chanting her mantras. The following mantras are extremely powerful and they can transform your life. It helps in maintaining focus and concentration and every one can chant this mantra. It is chanted during almost all the Durga Poojas. This mantra is in praise of Goddess Durga.

It says that Goddess Durga is the most auspicious one and she bestows upon the world her blessings. She is the mother of three worlds and protects us all. She is Gauri the daughter of the Mountain King and bow in front of her.

Chanting this mantra regularly makes one wise and gives strength. One can chant this mantra if one is experiencing nightmares. Also, it can be chanted by people going through tough times in life. Chanting this mantra helps nullify the effects of bad planetary movements and helps instill confidence.

It will keep you safe from your adversaries and enemies. Chant this mantra to bring peace and prosperity in your life. Many times you are unable to proceed with things in your life and the reason for the same is bad luck. This mantra keeps those obstacles out of your path and helps you lead a peaceful life. Couple unable to conceive can chant this mantra as well.

This mantra helps keep the little children safe from any negative energies and negative mystical beings. Manushyo mat prasaaden bhavishyati na sansha yah Dehi saubhaagyam aarogyam dehi devi param sukham Rupam dehi jayam dehi yasho dehi dvisho jahi Jyanti mangalaa kaali bhadra kaali kapaalinee durgaa kshamaa shivaa dhaatree swaahaa svadhaa namo stutey This mantra is a prayer to Goddess Durga. Goddess Durga has the power to put the poor out of their misery.

She can relieve people from ailments. She protects her worshippers and blesses them with enough that they can protect the ones in need. Her devotees, who listen to her story during the Pooja are exceptionally blessed with wealth and progeny. Navbharat Times. Featured Today in Travel.

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Shri Durga Saptashati | Devi Mahatmya with Sanskrit Lyrics and Video Song

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Devi Mahatmyam Durga Saptasati Chapter 1 in Telugu

The Devi Mahatmyam describes a storied battle between good and evil, where the Devi manifesting as goddess Durga leads the forces of good against the demon Mahishasura —the goddess is very angry and ruthless, and the forces of good win. The Devi Mahatmya , states C. Mackenzie Brown, is both a culmination of centuries of Indian ideas about the divine feminine, as well as a foundation for the literature and spirituality focussed on the feminine transcendence in centuries that followed. One of the earliest evidence of reverence for the feminine aspect of God appears in chapter Hymns to goddesses are in the ancient Hindu epic Mahabharata , particularly in the later to CE added Harivamsa section of it.


Chant these powerful Durga Mantras to turn your life around for good

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Chandi Saptashati Parayanam

This Parayana is dedicated to Durga devate, also known as Chandi devate. Performing this parayana protects and helps us overcome all our troubles and sufferings. This pooja also liberates one from evil eyes, fears and curses. Chandi Saptashati Parayanam is dedicated to Durga devi. This parayanam is one of the most powerful poojas for those who are having trouble in finding job and performing this pooja helps one have a trouble-free life, clearing all the obstacles in the path of your success. Chandi Saptashati Parayanam is performed by invoking Durga devi followed by the chanting of Durga Saptashati also known as Devi Mahatmayam and then Parayanam is performed as per the shastras.

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