The camera can hold a maximum of 8 batteries so you can choose to add an extra 4 in the back pack should you wish to — this would give your camera longer running time in the field. Please read the section later in these pages about which batteries to use, battery choice is vital to the performance of your Ltl Acorn trail camera and batteries are always the first place to start if you think there is a problem with your camera! Carefully remove back plate from camera body using the clips on each side and hand-tightening screw on the back. The safest way to do this to avoid putting unnecessary stress on the side clips is to hold the 2 parts of the camera together firmly with one hand whilst releasing the clips, one at a time, with the other.

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Quick Links. Scouting Camera. Table of Contents. It can be triggered by sudden change of ambient temperature caused by moving game in a region of interest ROI , which is detected by a highly sensitive Passive Infra-Red PIR sensor, and then take pictures or video clips automatically.

Page 5 Figure 1. Page 6 Figure 1. To supply power, it is recommended to use four new high-performance alkaline AA batteries or low self-discharge Ni-MH chargeable AA batteries. Page 7: Quick Start Figure 1.

Please follow the instructions below. It will pop out. Page 8: Insert Sd Card batteries are connected, the camera will be powered by the external one.

In this mode you can take pictures or video clips like a regular digital camera, or enter the Menu to set up parameters. Page Enter Live Mode reference to 3. Under the test mode, one useful function you would like is testing the work area of the PIR Passive Infrared sensor, specifically the sensing angle and monitoring distance.

Page 11 Switch to the ON position to enter the live mode. The Motion Indicator will flash red for about 10 seconds and the camera starts working by itself without any manual handling. It will at once shoot pictures or record videos when game or other objects enter the PIR area of the main sensor directly. Page Advanced Settings If the game continually enters into the PIR area of the main sensor, the camera takes pictures immediately, therefore catching the whole body of the game.

This split-second process could be as short as 0. In the case the game browses only in the PIR area of the prep sensors, to avoid the camera being powered on constantly, the system is designed to work in the following way: If the game does not enter the PIR area of the main sensor and therefore not trigger Page 13 change the setting, and to confirm the change.

Always remember to press to save the change. Otherwise you will lose your new setting. Set Clock Enter Press Enter to set up date and time. Page 15 environments with more interference. Temperature also affects the sensitivity. The High setting is suitable when the ambient temperature is warm, and the Low setting is helpful in cold weather.

Page 16 reviewing the photos. This is helpful when observing cold-blooded animals like snakes, or the process of flowering, etc. Page File Format manufacturer default. Photos are saved with filenames like PICT Or you can put the SD card to a SD card reader, plug in a computer, and browse the files on the computer without downloading.

Page 18 charge. This warranty only extends to the original retail buyer from our authorized dealer. Purchase receipt or other proof of the date of the original purchase is required to receive warranty benefits. The warranty on any replacement product provided under the original warranty shall be for the remaining portion of the warranty period applicable to the original product.

This manual is also suitable for: Ltl a. Print page 1 Print document 23 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


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The first step is to check with the members of your household and close neighbors. Occasionally the packages will be dropped off at the wrong house. They will have the most up to date information. If none of that turns up your package, give us a call and we will open a case for you, and work directly with you to resolve the issue. Most items ship within 2 business days of the receipt of your order.


Ltl Acorn Ltl 5210A Manuals

If you are after a professional surveillance camera monitoring your unattended property where the night flash will not disclose the existence of the camera? This is it! It is a great use for hunting and security purposes. Give it a shot! Many sellers from eBay and other auction sites have been found out to sell counterfeit Ltl Acorn cameras, all within a low price.


Acorn Ltl 5210A User Manual



Ltl Acorn Ltl-5210A 12MP Full HD 940nm Low Glow Blue LED Trail Camera


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