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Version Language English. Product Menu Topics. CICS Debugging. Specific compilers support includes:. It makes CICS testing faster, easier, and more effective. It provides powerful capabilities for examining and modifying main and auxiliary storage. Fast, Easy Testing. When CA InterTest for CICS detects an error, you can correct it dynamically or go around it and resume testing, allowing you to correct many errors in one test session. All the information you need to diagnose and correct errors is available online.

You can continue testing without recompiling your program or waiting for new printouts. This temporary interruption in program execution is called a breakpoint. CA InterTest for CICS then displays a diagnostic screen explaining the nature of the problem and provides detailed technical information for correcting it. Error Detection and Prevention. This means your programs will not abend. All storage violations attempts to modify storage not owned by your program. Diagnostic Information. This temporary halt in program execution is called an automatic breakpoint.

The program instruction that triggered the breakpoint is highlighted. Interrupt Programs by Setting Breakpoints. To help you test and debug CICS programs effectively, you can also interrupt program execution at any point by setting breakpoints. You can set four types of breakpoints:. Controlling the pace at which a program executes makes it easier to pinpoint and correct logic errors. For example, when a program is halted, you can inspect the values of program variables and test data to determine whether processing is proceeding as planned.

You can also dynamically change the value of a data item or generate additional test records before resuming execution. When a program is stopped at a breakpoint, you can resume execution at any time and from any point. This means you can go around errors or dynamically alter the order in which certain routines are executed. When your program is halted at a breakpoint, you can do the following tasks:. View your program listing and compiler output online and search for a data string.

Display data items in a Keep window to observe changes in their values. Write and execute indirect commands, which are statements you insert during a test session, without recompiling the source code. Display the path backtrace that brought the program to its current point. Display the execution counts of the lines that brought the program to its current point.

Additionally, program errors are confined to a single program -- other programs remain unaffected. Therefore, system throughput improves because trial and error testing is eliminated, test programs need fewer recompiles, and CICS is much more stable.

Examine and Modify Main and Auxiliary Storage. You can take advantage of these facilities while testing a program. For example, you can interrupt program execution at various points to see how the values of program variables and test data have changed. And, you can dynamically modify storage as your testing progresses.

You can halt your program, change the value in a flag, initialize a counter, or change the data in a test record, and then resume execution -- all without recompiling. You can inspect and modify main and auxiliary storage at any time -- even when no program is executing and CA InterTest for CICS is otherwise inactive. They can display the contents of CICS control blocks and tables in main storage, making changes as necessary. Get HELP. Online help explains how to use all of the CA InterTest for CICS facilities, provides important information on diagnosing and correcting program errors, and includes examples.

You can access the Help facility by entering Help on a blank screen. Press PF1. User-Defined Help for Abends. You can define your own abend codes and descriptions or replace the delivered abend descriptions with your own text.

If user-defined text is defined for an abend code, CA InterTest for CICS displays your site's help text instead of the delivered help text at an automatic breakpoint. CA InterTest for CICS provides online access to your source listings and compiler output, such as maps, cross-reference tables, and messages -- information your online editor cannot provide. Working directly from your source listing makes it easy to set breakpoints and display main storage.

Symbolic Support. You can inspect the contents of a data item simply by specifying its name. If you set breakpoints at symbolic locations and then recompile your program, CA InterTest for CICS can transfer those breakpoints to the recompiled program. You can also access all CICS system-related areas by field names. CA InterTest for CICS even provides full symbolic support for programs that consist of separately compiled modules brought together when the program is link-edited.

These modules can be written in the same or different languages. For more information, see Symbolic Support. You can use any of these transactions at any time. Specially formatted displays and screens also enable you to bypass menu processing by using special commands or single keystrokes for the most frequently used testing functions. For example, you can instruct CA InterTest for CICS to set monitoring, breakpoints or display main storage simply by pressing a PF key or entering a single action character next to a line in your source listing display.

You can also mix and match different methods during a single test session to meet your testing needs. Menus and Displays.


CA InterTest for CICS V10: Testing and Debugging 200

Version Language English. Product Menu Topics. CICS Debugging. Specific compilers support includes:. It makes CICS testing faster, easier, and more effective. It provides powerful capabilities for examining and modifying main and auxiliary storage.

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CA INTERTEST For CICS – Useful Commands

Between them, these three products provided much needed third-party system software support for IBM 's "flagship" teleprocessing product CICS , which survived for more than 20 years as a strategic product without any memory protection of its own. This was despite the fact that much of the world's banking and other commerce relied heavily on CICS for secure transaction processing between and early s. The difficulty in deciding which application program caused the problem was often insurmountable and frequently the system would be restarted without spending many hours investigated very large and initially unformatted " core dump "s requiring expert system programming support and knowledge. Additionally, the product and its competitors provided an integrated testing environment which was not provided by IBM for early versions of CICS and which was only partially satisfied with their later embedded testing tool — " Execution Diagnostic Facility " EDF , which only helped newer "Command level" programmers and provided no protection. The following operating systems were supported: [ citation needed ]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.





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