Subsequent relocation to Lemgo. These instruments allow a minimally invasive, conservative preparation, yet again setting world-wide standards. The composite remover successfully complements the "range of specialists". The ER DentinPost becomes the most successful rootpost. The titanium-nitride coating of these flexible nickel-titanium instruments makes them the ideal tool for preparing curved root canals.

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Quite possibly, it is dental diamond rotary instruments, since we are the market leader in that dental product category. Our company, led by our late founder, Peter Brasseler, developed our diamond products and the unique specifications that continue to govern the physical characteristics of our dental rotary instruments to assure consistent, dependable restorations.

Don L. Building on this rich dental history, Brasseler USA now is the leader in diamond dental rotary instruments and much, much more. Brasseler USA is a leading ISO Certified healthcare company, providing quality instrumentation to healthcare professionals for use in restorative dentistry, endodontics, oral surgery and oral hygiene. We offer the most comprehensive assortment of instruments and power systems under one brand in the world.

Our product line reflects leading edge instruments developed with leading dental schools, clinicians and industry professionals in anticipation of emerging market needs. It is our singular focus on instrumentation, with absolute dedication to innovation and quality that has earned the trust of practitioners who, like you, demand outstanding, consistent performance from the instruments used to treat their patients. We accomplish this by ensuring strict quality assurance practices are in place throughout the design and manufacturing process and by only selling directly to you, the professional.

At Brasseler USA, we know that success involves more than just innovation and an extensive line of quality products. It requires providing consistently superior service and adding value to what we offer. Toward that end, our sales professionals are extensively and continually trained in both products and procedures.

Each is uniquely prepared to work with you to identify and create solutions to your needs and to assist you in increasing both your productivity and quality of care. We are proud of our heritage of over 37 years of success and we thank you for making it possible.

Our future, dedicated to quality innovation and superior service, and guided by our core values, holds even more promise.

Brasseler USA stands ready to assist you in any way possible, and we thank you in advance for considering us for all your instrumentation needs. The Brasseler USA value model means we provide only the highest quality at the best value.

In fact, a recent blind survey of dental practitioners on dental diamonds showed that by a 2 to 1 margin over our closest competitor, Brasseler USA was rated the 1 diamond brand in Innovation, Precision, Quality and Assortment.

No middle-man. No distributor. No other brand name. Only direct, and only from Brasseler USA. How to Order 1. Friday AM to PM 2. Orders are usually shipped within 48 hours after receipt. Interested trading partners should contact our EDI coordinator at 1. Friday AM to PM.

Overnight delivery is available. Balance over 30 days will be subject to a finance charge of 1. All prices quoted by Brasseler USA are subject to change without notice. These prices do not include freight or any applicable federal, state or local sales, use, excise or similar taxes. Any such additional charges will be included in Brasseler USA invoice to buyer. Return Policy for Rotary and Consumable Products Brasseler USA is committed to your satisfaction, and guarantees our products against manufacturing or workmanship defect.

Contact our Customer Support Department at to arrange for repair or replacement of defective product. Product exchange or return of unused rotary and consumable products in original packaging can also be made via our Customer Support Department within 90 days of invoice date. Returns and exchanges may be subject to a return evaluation and compliance review charge.

Special orders, custom products, and closeout items are not eligible for return or exchange. In order to ensure accuracy and expedite the return process we ask that you include the following information:. For your convenience, please use the Brasseler USA pre-paid shipping label we will be glad to provide you for returning product to us. Please note that only rotary and other consumable products invoiced within the previous 90 days are eligible for exchange or return.

Brasseler USA will repair or replace defective handpieces and accessories in accordance with our current warranty. We suggest that you check the shipping container and packing list to verify that you received exactly what you ordered before opening.

Brasseler USA is unable to accept for return or exchange product which has been opened. To arrange for return please contact our Customer Support Department at Only unopened power equipment and accessories invoiced within the previous 30 days are eligible for return.

Special orders, custom products and closeout items are not returnable. Products will be covered under warranty provided the product has been operated and maintained in compliance with the instructions and maintenance manual. Products will not be covered if they have been subjected to misuse, abuse, or accident. Any parts or accessories which fail to operate in accordance with factory specifications at the time of installation will be exchanged.

Repair by unauthorized personnel, use of non-Brasseler USA components, or use of products outside of the intended purpose, will void the warranty. Our federal supply schedule contract number is: VPM. Ideal for lower arch restorations. Posterior: Initial contouring of posterior restorations Anterior: Lingual contouring of anterior restoration. Maximum cutting depth: Not recommended for ceramics.

EndoSequence is the first endodontic system to be fully synchronized from instrumentation through obturation and post placement. The constant tapered EndoSequence rotary files contain many patented features which provide unparalleled efficiency and safety. Join the thousands of others that have discovered the host of benefits that EndoSequence brings to their practice!

K Large Rotary File Kit. The system utilizes a modified crown down technique, which varies both the tip size and the taper throughout the sequence.

File stress and the subsequent probability of separation is limited because each file is only engaged in a third of the canal during use. The smaller tip and taper sizes allow practitioners to save time and effort by supplementing their hand filing.

While ScoutRaCe files can be used for all cases they are particularly useful for tight, severely calicified or curved canals.

Triangular Cross Section. Another important feature of this design is that it allows you to verify and expand the apical diameter of roots without needlessly weakening the tooth. Use Apical Verifiers anytime that you want to confirm or increase the apical diameter of a canal without removing excessive radicular dentin.

Total Length L1. Utilizing the newest in bioceramic nano-technology, BC Sealer is highly radiopaque, hydrophilic, antibactieral and, unlike other sealers, BC Sealer forms hydroxyapatite upon setting and exhibits absolutely zero shrinkage!

Never before has an obturation system been able to make these claims. Radiograph courtesy of Dr. This allows for a true chemical cementation bond between the sealer and the points. BC Points also undergo a proprietary stiffening process and are laser verfied for tip and taper accuracy. ISO tip size. Another distinguishing feature is that Activ GP Points contain calibration depth markings. Tired of hassling with conventional root repair materials? Premixed with superior handling and healing properties, EndoSequence Root Repair Material is ideal for all of your root repair needs.

EndoSequence Root Repair Material RRM is available in two specifically formulated consistencies syringable paste or condensable putty and contains many of the same characteristics as BC Sealer.

The favorable handling properties, increased strength and shortened set time make RRM highly resistant to washout and ideal for all root repair and pulp capping procedures. Research and countless cases confirm that RRM is highly biocompatible and osteogenic. Join the thousands of others that have set aside their spatulas and joined the RRM revolution!

Both surfaces are composed primarily of calcium, carbon and oxygen. Notice the extensive matrix-like overlay on the surface of the RRM. The following graph illustrates the biocompatibility of RRM as compared to other commonly used root repair materials:.

For a complete bibliography of all of the known published research on these materials please contact Brasseler USA or visit www. Courtesy of Dr. Both systems feature a miniature head for excellent visibility during procedures and the safety and comfort that comes with torque control and auto reverse. Using advanced, multi-frequency software, the PAL filters irrelevant signals that can appear in curved canals and provides accurate measurements in all conditions.

The EndoPro is the most advanced power heat source on the market with a remarkable ergonomic design. Designed for maximum precision and safety, the EndoPro and PAL deliver the superior benefits required in your practice.

The popular, space-saving Varios Ultrasonic System easily adapts to a variety of clinical application needs. At just under 11 ounces, it can be easily transported from one operatory or office to the next. The Varios can also be easily mounted to any dental unit. This is a powerful piezo ultrasonic unit offering modes for General, Endodontic and Periodontal applications that can be precisely set with the simple turn of a dial.

The Periodontal mode guarantees absolute minimum, stable power for delicate periodontal procedures. The water spray for the Varios Compact is also completely adjustable. Weighing only 1. Each pack of V30 includes one 1 E Tip replacement wrench. Replacement wrench is not included when ordering other tips. Please order the replacement wrench separately in this instance.


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