Also See for UMC Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Page 2 Device driver technology for field devices. Not all functions are required in all cases.

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Also See for UMC Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Page 2 Device driver technology for field devices. Not all functions are required in all cases. Therefore the documentation is split into separate parts. You only need to read the parts that are relevant for your application. To use the new features via fieldbus new fieldbus device description files have to be used. Therefore a wide number of control functions can be covered from the base device. These applications are built on the basis of function blocks and can be used directly without the need for a programming tool.

Output relay Page 11 The starter function block controls the relay outputs depending on its input signals and the actual state. All these blocks run in the so-called logic engine. It is possible to change the application which is running there but usually the pre- defined applications will be sufficient.

It provides eight digital inputs for 24 V DC, four relay outputs and an analog output to drive an analogue instrument.

It provides three voltage inputs and one relay output. It can be used in three- and single phase operation mode. The module can be used with grounded systems only e. Page 14 e. Up to two AI For the first module the ter- minal named ADR must be left open. Therefore it enables a wide range of ABB products to be configured such as motor controllers, soft starters, flow meters and many more.

It can be directly plugged on the UMC The UMC It is possible to mount the module separately from the UMC Page Connecting The Ai The diagram below shows the block diagram and wiring of the analog input module. Connect the Adr terminal to 24V DC at the second module. The module order does not matter.

For checkback the auxiliary contact of the main contactor has to be used! With the parameter Current Factor the current transformer transmission ratio can be configured. So the UMC Page 26 When looping the motor wires multiple times, the parameter Current Factor must be adjusted according the number of loops.

Two to five loops are supported. Page Using The Umc For the UMC For creating a customer-specific application the DTM must be used! Parameterisation of the control and More details are available in the technical manual of the DNP Use standard DeviceNet cable for wiring It is provided in many PLCs that do not offer any other fieldbus.

To integrate the UMC This ensures that no droplines are required but a straight bus line can be implemented. A very stable bus com- munication even at high baud rates is the result! Page 34 If the UMC The protection functions availa- ble without a voltage module are described in section "Thermal and Current Motor Protection Functions".

The protection functions that require a voltage module are described in section "Voltage and Power Protection Functions". If switched on, they can trigger a protection trip or a warning excluding the thermal overload which is always active and triggers a trip.

The function detects loss of suction for pumps, broken belt for conveyors, loss of airflow for fans, broken tools for machines etc. Page 45 If this protection function is active the motor wires must have a defined order which is from left to right. The correct or- der is printed on the UMC Take care that contactors are mounted after the UMC to ensure the phase sequence is not changed by switching the contactors e.

Page 49 Voltage and Power Protection Functions This section describes the voltage based motor protection functions. The different voltage protection functions are usually always active also if the motor is in stop mode. Page 52 The diagram below shows the startup of a motor and the activation of the underload protection function. It is not necessary to specify the nominal power of the motor. If within one second two low voltage situations occur, immediately after the start of the second low voltage situation the contactors are switched off.

The measured values are available on the LCD, fieldbus and function block editor. By default the actual motor current is monitored. Page 69 The UMC is designed for protection and control of three phase motors default operation mode. But it is also possible to use the UMC To change the number of phases set parameter "Number Of Phases" to "1 Phase".

The outputs DO DO3 and the inputs DI DI5 are directly connected to the fieldbus and are independent of the overload status. The out- puts DO DI5 are directly connected to the fieldbus and not used from the control function. The UMC acts as communication interface for the softstarter.

Page 94 Set the parameter "Trip Class" to "Class 40". It is not approved for thermal cable and short circuit protection. Page 95 But this address is only for the "Address Check" feature described in the section below to identify if the right UMC Page 96 1. Neither the UMC Only the UMC Then the bus communication starts automatically. Expansion modules allow you to increase the number of inputs and outputs. The diagram below shows the organisation of the different parameter masks in the menu tree.

Page Use the LCD panel as automatic parameter backup storage All settings can also be stored in the operator panel automatically. This is interesting in case of a UMC This new function requires that UMC and operator panel have revision. Page e. The last 16 faults and their arrival time in seconds since power on are displayed.

If the UMC is switched off the fault history is cleared. No further user actions are required. Requesting support If you need support we kindly ask you to contact your local ABB representative using the template provided at the end of this manual. Check the configuration The menu option "Changed parameters" The figures in braces e.

Page Gateway-IP address used if connected via Ethernet communication Carefully read the RT9 manual on how to use this device.

Page Protection of frequency converters is not allowed. Short-circuit protection Provided by external short-circuit protection device, e. Characteristic values for other operating conditions are available on request.

Page Expansion modules 0. Page Any reproduction, dis- regard to purchase orders, the agreed closure to third parties or utilization of its particulars shall prevail. Print page 1 Print document pages. Cancel Delete.

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ABB UMC100.3 Manual

Rely on us as partner, providing you flexible and universal products. Especially ABB's Universal Motor Controller solution provides an easy to use device that keeps your application running. Continuous operation The installation of ABB products can help keep the wheels in motion 24 hours a day. We are focused on ensuring that our products can be easily maintained, whether that is through The UMC is used in many segments with several thousand motor controllers installed worldwide.


Universal Motor Controller 100.3






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