Recurrent first trimester pregnancy loss: revised definitions and novel causes. Curr Opin Endocrinol Diabetes Obes ; Recurrent second trimester pregnancy loss: evaluation and management. Are antiphospholipid antibodies an essential requirement for an effective immune response to infections? Ann N Y Acad Sci ; Rahman A.

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Definitions of infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss. Fertil Steril ;S Recurrent pregnancy loss: the key potential mechanisms. Trends Mol Med ; Recurrent miscarriage: aetiology, management and prognosis. Hum Reprod Update ; Autoinmunidad y enfermedad autoinmune. Medellin: CIB; Recurrent early pregnancy loss. Clinical gynecologic endocrinology and infertility.

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Haematologica ; Anuncios Vista Suscribirse.


Síndrome antifosfolipídico

Definitions of infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss. Fertil Steril ;S Recurrent pregnancy loss: the key potential mechanisms. Trends Mol Med ; Recurrent miscarriage: aetiology, management and prognosis. Hum Reprod Update ;


2010, Número 3

Describing the presence of anti-annexin V antibodies, cardiolipin and B 2 -glycoprotein 1 in females suffering recurrent pregnancy loss in Medellin, Colombia. Rev Colomb Obstet Ginecol [online]. ISSN Objective: Describing anti-annexin V antibody frequency in a series of females suffering recurrent abortion in Medellin. Materials and methods: A series of cases was compiled, consisting of healthy females attending gynecological consultation who had a background of recurrent pregnancy loss RPL , characterized by two or more abortions during the first three months of pregnancy. Females diagnosed with secondary antiphospholipid syndrome were excluded.



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