Download Like. Full screen Standard. Page of 3 Go. Key Features. Advanced image stabilization adjusts to vibration.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Operating Manual. Table of Contents. Action camcorder to capture pov during action sports 2 pages. This is convenient when searching for a function you want to view. Search for information by function. Search for information by operation. Search for information in a listing of Settings items.

Page 10 How to set items You can set items using the following 3 buttons on the camera. The number in parentheses indicates the quantity of that item bundled.

Page Inserting The Battery Pack Inserting the battery pack 1 Slide the lock lever until the yellow Lock lever mark can be seen, then open the cover. Battery ejection lever Make sure the direction of the battery pack is correct, then insert it pushing against the battery ejection lever, until the lever locks. Page 15 Checking the remaining battery charge A remaining charge indicator appears on the upper right of the display panel. Page Inserting A Memory Card Inserting a memory card 1 Slide the lock lever until the yellow mark can be seen, then open the Lock lever cover.

Page 17 What types of memory cards you can use with this camera? Page 19 Setting the region You can set the clock to the local time of a country you visit by selecting the region.

Image qualities that can be set depend on the [PRO] setting page Page Steadyshot SteadyShot Setting display You can activate the camera-shake reduction when shooting. Page Flip Flip Setting display You can record the image upside down.

This function is useful when the camera is attached upside down. Page Scene Scene Setting display You can select suitable image quality according to the shooting scene. The format when recording movies will be XAVC S, and you can record high quality images at a high bit rate of approximately 50 Mbps.

Page 30 Sets the user bit. Purchase it at a Sony service center. Other settings are inoperable. Click each item to jump to the corresponding page. See page 9 for the hierarchical menu structure of the camera. Page Copy Copy Setting display You can copy movies and photos shot by the camera by operating a smartphone.

Your camera is receiving a GPS signal. If you set the airplane mode to [ON], an airplane mark will be displayed on the display panel. Page Format Format Setting display Formatting is the process of deleting all images in the memory card, and restoring the memory card to its initial state.

Page Using Accessories Using accessories Refer to the website of this camera for the latest information on accessories. Tripod Adaptor By attaching the Tripod Adaptor to the camera, you can attach accessories to the camera without using the Waterproof Case. Page 47 5 Hook the buckle over the tab on the lower part of the case cover 1, then close the buckle in the direction of 2, until it clicks into place.

Page Notes On Use such as cracks on the surface. Water leakage In the unlikely event that a malfunction of the Waterproof Case causes damage due to water leakage, Sony does not guarantee against damages to the equipment contained in it camera, battery pack, etc.

It is recommended that you submerge the Waterproof Case in fresh water for about 30 minutes. Before attaching, insert the camera in the Waterproof Case or attach the Tripod Adaptor. If peeled off forcibly, the surface on which the mount is fixed might be damaged. To release the lock, slide it in the opposite direction of the arrow. If the temperature reaches above a certain level, shooting stops automatically.

Leave the camera for 10 minutes or longer to allow the temperature inside the camera to decrease to a safe level. Image and sound may not be output. Continued r Page Smartphone Connecting to your Setting display smartphone Perform preparation for connecting to your smartphone before connecting page For details, visit the website below. For details on operation, refer to the operating guide of the Live-View Remote. When connecting completes, [DONE] is displayed on the display panel of the camera.

Connect each camera by performing steps 2 and 3. Page Troubleshooting If you experience trouble with the camera, try the following solutions. Consult your nearest Sony dealer. Cannot charge the camera. Page Viewing Images Cannot insert dates on images. Viewing images Cannot play back images. The image does not appear on the TV. Page 69 Cannot import images.

PlayMemories Home cannot be installed. PlayMemories Home does not work correctly. Page Warning Indicators And Messages Warning indicators and messages If the following messages appear, follow the instructions.

Charge the battery pack immediately. The power may turn off automatically, or you may be unable to record images. The actual number of recordable photos is displayed on the LCD screen during shooting.

The battery pack may not be effectively charged in temperatures outside this range. Before shooting, be sure to set [V. SYS] to the TV system of the country and region where you will view recordings. Page Notes On Optional Accessories after about 1 hour. Page 81 Index Interval photo recording Page 82 SteadyShot Print page 1 Print document 82 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk.

Upload from URL.


Sony HDR-AS100V User Manual



Sony HDR-AS100V Handbook



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