It will enable Indesign engineers to implement designs for their customers more quickly and at lower development costs. Targeted applications include electronic products with no user interface requiring significant processing capability and supporting a variety of interface peripherals including Ethernet, USB, I2S audio and USARTs. With the addition of a 1. The use of 3.

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Gideon Analytical Laboratories, Inc. It also features an External Bus Interface capable of interfacing with a wide range of memory devices. The device was with the concern that it did not function at 50C. The device was put on a known good PCB with full functionality and it failed. A good Atmel was installed and it worked on the same PCB without any issues.

The device was decapsulated revealing the wires bonds both on the lead frame and the die. As can be seen in the photographs, the die had several ball bonds that came off during decapsulation. The coefficient of thermal expansion is greater for the molding compound than it is for the gold balls. At higher temperature, this epoxy expansion moves the ball bonds and renders them intermittent. No bond issues were noted on the interconnects to the lead frame. The bonding issue was primarily on one side of the die and primarily with one lot.

This was a manufacturing issue. Let Gideon solve your electrical component issues. Knowing what to avoid is every bit as important as knowing what to choose. We can debug designs. We can revise the BOM with more robust components. We can design power supplies. We can assess schematics.

We can perform failure analysis on components, PCB, and materials.


Atmel AT91SAM9260 ARM quick start

Projects Parts Database Forum Sign in. Part Bot. Remove from Library Add to Library. Datasheets 2. Attributes Part Number. Vault Revision.


Atmel AT91SAM9260

Intall "ActiveTcl8. Connect serial cable with windows machine, and use any serial port application such as teraterm or hyperterminal, and attach it with COM device, with baud rate set as Make sure the on-board data flash and NAND flash contain no bootable images. Connect usb cable with windows machine, It will prompt with a new usb hardware found message, and will try to install the corresponding driver. See the online docs for each driver for additional command-line options and other details. Note: Some of the following drivers are commented out in the default buildfile. To use the drivers in the target hardware, you'll need to uncomment them in your buildfile, rebuild the image, and load the image into the board.

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