I made slight adaptations upon later rumination, but decided on this version mere hours after leaving the class. The Dinosaur is famous for being one of if not the shortest story, and similarly famous for being untranslatable. The sensation of the poem is incredibly difficult to grasp in English, and many people have analyzed this poem to no end, so I am not going to do that, but instead make a few select remarks about why I translated this story the way I did. The stakes had been lowered, and the English lacked the punch of the Spanish original. The first is, again, concision.

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Thanks for the comment, Hector. Jan 15, Thanks, Monterroso, for Keeping it Short. It's customary for those with an interest in the world of minifiction to periodically doff their hats to a piece called The Dinosaur by Guatemalan writer Augusto Monterroso.

At a mere nine words including title, The Dinosaur has achieved a status that far outweighs its size. Not so with The Dinosaur :. Critics have been creative in their tributes. A convincing elucidation of The Dinosaur 's eminence remains elusive, and probably always will. But so what? For me, the marvel of the piece lies right there in its ever-amplifying impact: its ends more than justify its means.

Because not only has The Dinosaur revealed to countless writers the possibilites of ultra-short fiction, but it has also sprung a cascade of mimicry, parody and allusion. In this respect, Monterroso, a writer of many fantastic stories, was overshadowed by his dinosaur.

At the same time, his dinosaur succeeded in attracting a spotlight to minifiction. So thanks, Monterroso, for keeping it short. Labels: augusto monterroso , dinosaurio , el dinosaurio , flash fiction , microfiction , microstory , minifiction , monterroso , the dinosaur. Jamie Hershing January 24, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.


Translation of The Dinosaur (El dinosaurio) by Augusto Monterroso

Augusto Monterroso Bonilla December 21, - February 7, was a Honduran writer who adopted Guatemalan nationality, known for the ironical and humorous style of his short stories. Monterroso was born in Tegucigalpa , Honduras to a Honduran mother and Guatemalan father. To this end he founded the newspaper El Espectador with a group of other writers. He was detained and exiled to Mexico City in for his opposition to the dictatorial regime. Shortly after his arrival in Mexico, the revolutionary government of Jacobo Arbenz triumphed in Guatemala, and Monterroso was assigned to a minor post in the Guatemalan embassy in Mexico.


Cuando despertó, el dinosaurio todavía estaba allí.


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