No category. Esco Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved. The information contained in this manual and the accompanying product is copyrighted and all rights are reserved by Esco. Esco reserves the right to make periodic minor design changes without obligation to notify any person or entity of such change.

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No category. Esco Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved. The information contained in this manual and the accompanying product is copyrighted and all rights are reserved by Esco. Esco reserves the right to make periodic minor design changes without obligation to notify any person or entity of such change. The contents and the product described in this manual including any appendix, addendum, attachment or inclusion , are subject to change without notice.

Esco makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of the information contained in this manual. In no event shall Esco be held liable for any damages, direct or consequential, arising out of or related to the use of this manual.

Products Covered 2. Safety Warning 3. Limitation of Liability 4. To determine which warranty applies to your product, refer to the appendix below. Esco's limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship.

Esco's liability under this limited warranty shall be, at our option, to repair or replace any defective parts of the equipment, provided if proven to the satisfaction of Esco that these parts were defective at the time of being sold, and that all defective parts shall be returned, properly identified with a Return Authorization. This limited warranty does not cover: Freight or installation inside delivery handling damage. If your product was damaged in transit, you must file a claim directly with the freight carrier.

Products with missing or defaced serial numbers. Products for which Esco has not received payment. Problems that result from: o External causes such as accident, abuse, misuse, problems with electrical power, improper operating environmental conditions. Esco is not liable for any damage incurred on the objects used on or stored in Esco equipment. If the objects are highly valuable, user is advised to have in place independent external preventive measures such as connection to a centralized alarm system.

Factory installed, customer specified equipment or accessories are warranted only to the extent guaranteed by the original manufacturer. The customer agrees that in relation to these products purchased through Esco, our limited warranty shall not apply and the original manufacturer's warranty shall be the sole warranty in respect of these products.

The customer shall utilize that warranty for the support of such products and in any event not look to Esco for such warranty support. Esco encourages all users to register their equipment online at www. Contact your local distributor for specific warranty details. The warranty period starts two months from the date your equipment is shipped from Esco facility for international distributors.

This allows shipping time so the warranty will go into effect at approximately the same time the equipment is delivered to the user. The warranty protection extends to any subsequent owner during the warranty period. Distributors who stock Esco equipment are allowed an additional four months for delivery and installation, providing the product is registered with Esco. User can register product online at www. Safety Warning Anyone working with, on or around this equipment should read this manual.

Any internal adjustment, modification or maintenance to this equipment must be undertaken by qualified service personnel. The use of any hazardous materials in this equipment must be monitored by an industrial hygienist, safety officer or some other suitably qualified individual. In this manual, important safety related points will be marked with the symbol. If the equipment is used in a manner not specified by this manual, the protection provided by this equipment may be impaired.

Familiarization and compliance with any such regulations are the sole responsibility of the users. It is marked with the following symbol: Esco sells products through distributors throughout Europe.

A list of these parties and their contact information is available on request from Esco. Light Switch Turns the fluorescent light on or off. Please install front cover retrofit kit if you want to use this feature. Since the front cover is capable of filtering UV rays, users are protected from the harmful UV rays. Pressure Gauge Indicates the pressure drop across filter, to maintain nominal airflow velocity as specified inside the test report. The initial pressure reading will be approximately 0.

C depending on altitude from sea level. The clean bench should be checked for proper airflow at each 0. UV can only be turned on when both fan and light are off. Once calibration is properly performed, airflow velocity will be displayed when fan is on, and airflow alarm will be triggered if it drops below pre-defined fail point. UV timer allows control system to switch off the UV light automatically after a fixed period.

By default UV timer is set to 0, and UV must be manually switched off after switching on. UV timer can be set between 0 to 99 minutes. Pre purge time allows system fan and airflow sensor to be stabilized before user has full access to the clean bench. By default, pre purge timer is set to 3 minutes, and can be set between 0 to 15 minutes. FAN HR: the working hours of fan.

Light Button Turns on and off the light. Socket Button Turns on and off the electrical socket retrofit kit. Up and Down Arrow Button Moves upwards and downwards the menu options. Increases and decreases corresponding value inside one of the menu options. Starts, stops and resets timer. Proceeds to the next step or sequence inside one of the menu options. Menu Button Enters and exits from the menu options.

Goes back to the previous level of the menu options. Accesses maintenance mode from ERR. The correct time will be maintained even after the unit is turned off. This is to ensure that the sensors, the blower, and the control system are stabilized, as well as purging the work zone of contaminants. The default setting is 3 minutes and the user can set it between 3 to 15 minutes.

The UV timer can be set up to 18 hours. By default, the timer is set to 60 minutes, which is considered the most effective UV decontamination time. Esco does not recommend leaving the UV lamp on for more than 60 minutes as it shortens the lifespan of the UV lamp. Without the UV timer, the lamp has to be switched off manually. This involves measuring airflow with reference instrumentation and establishing reference between airflow sensor s on the cabinet to the standard reference.

Calibration should only be carried out by trained personnel. For more information, refer to test report. The reset blower and UV hour meter functions are usually used after you change the blower or UV lamp as they can easily give you the indication on when to do cabinet maintenance.

While the reset default function will return the options in the settings menu to their factory settings. User must enter four-digit PIN before switching fan on or off. As such, it can restrict access to operating the cabinet by unauthorized personnel.

It will also prevent unauthorized shutdown of the cabinet when continuous operation is required. Note that continuous operation is recommended for better safety. Fan PIN is also needed to disable the alarm when the sash is fully raised and cleaning needs to be performed.

It is recommended that the Fan PIN be issued only to personnel authorized to use the cabinet. Setting the PIN to will disable this feature. The alarm is enabled by default. The blower hour meter indicates how long the blower has been in operation.

The value can also provide some help in setting up maintenance schedule. The UV lamp hour meter indicates how long the UV lamp has been in operation.

Please reset the UV lamp hour meter after each UV lamp replacement. Note that the calibration settings cannot be reset as it may cause the cabinet to operate in an unsafe manner.

The hour meters cannot be reset either. In this mode, all alarms and interlocks are enabled. In this mode, all alarms are disabled and all interlocks are defeated.

Pressing the UP button again while the stopwatch function is active will pause and resume the timer. Pressing the DOWN button will leave the stopwatch function and reset the timer.

The most common alarm is the SASH ALARM that indicates that the sash is neither at the normal operating height nor at fully closed position UV mode — this condition can easily be corrected by putting the sash at the appropriate operation position.

Surface-decontaminate the UV lamp and electrical outlets as well. Do not use any disinfectant containing chlorine-based substances as this may cause corrosion of the stainless steel surfaces. Minimize room activity personnel movements, closing and opening of doors, etc. Allow only essential items in the work zone. New items introduced into the work zone should be placed downstream of items already in the work zone for several minutes to allow contaminants to flush off.


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Since , Esco has installed tens of thousands of laminar flow clean benches providing reliable protection for samples and work processes for a multitude of applications. Shown with optional caster wheels stand, ergonomic lab chair and footrest. Color coded indicator lamps display green for fan operation, fluorescent lights and electrical outlet; and red for caution UV lamp ON. Digital read-out with alpha-numeric display indicates all input, status and alarm functions. All functions can be user activated through touch-pad programming access; see Operations Manual. In both models, air is taken in from above the cabinet and passed through a ULPA filter.


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