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This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The time we spend in this world is short, the time we are held in our graves is long, and the punishment for following our lowly desires is calamitous. No part of this publication may be reproduced including the cover design, utilized or transformed in any form or means, elec- tronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording of any information stor- age and retrieval system, now known or to be invented without the express permission in writing from the publisher, nor be otherwise circulated in any form of binding or cover other then that in which it is published and without a similar condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser.

British Library Cataloguing in publication Data. A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. Section One: Investing in the Intellect of a Child. Section Two. Transliteration Table Consonants. The Coppersmith], His first hadith hearing was in 1 56 A. He would only leave his house for prayer and he would not play with other kids.

He was a person of very great determination and ambition and he spent all his life busy in seeking knowledge, preaching and authoring. Manners] from Sibi al-Khiyat and Ibn al-Jawalitji. He was the last to narrate from al-Dinawari and al-Mutawakkili. He traveled to the city of al-Musul where he preached and held sermons there for which he earned the people full acceptance. It is said that the family of al- Zahrazurl used to be jealous of him so they made someone put poison in his drink which caused him to die in al-Musul in A.

He became involved in preaching and held sermons after his father, in which he excelled and by which he was looked up to by his confreres. He then was appointed to control and supervise markets of Baghdad, and after that he was as- signed to deliver the messages of the caliphs to kings of other different regions peculiarly to the AyyubI family in the Sham region.

He held the position of teacher in the institute of caliph al-Musta'sim in A. Unlike his brother Abu al-Qasim, he was a dutiful son who honored his father and treated him well.

He would recite pleasant poetry and eloquent prose spon- taneously and his fine words and moving speech was abundant. There has never been anyone like him, not before him and not after him. He is the carrier of the flag of exhortation in its various forms. They were gatherings of great benefit where the heedless would be reminded, the ignorant would come to know, the sinners would repent and the polytheists would become Muslims.

He would write on many topics, and as I counted his works I found them to be over one thousand in number. Afterwards, I found out about other works as we. Having mentioned some of his books, al-Dhahabl said: I don t know of a scholar who has written what this man has. Whoever wishes to know about these books should refer to this work, keeping in mind that many of the manuscripts mentioned therein by al- AlujI have now been printed.

Others who are a wasteful of this time and thereby struck with loss and regret. Indeed, life has been designated so that people [use] to reach the sought [i.

Paradise] and to remove all that which causes loss and defect. If he does it, ten full deeds are written for him to seven hundred and seven times as much full deeds. If he does not do it, a full good deed is written for him.

The eternal life in Paradise and the never-ending immortality which is like the immortality of the All-MercifuP, can be obtained by investing this short life appropriately, as whoever wastes his life is indeed a loser. Therefore a sensible person should know the value of his life and should reflect on his state, so that he captures what cannot be restored, if it is missed and because of which e might be ruined for wasting.

The second stage: Starts from puberty until the end of youth, which is until one reaches thirty five years of age. This is deemed as the stage of youthfulness. The third stage: Starts from thirty five years of age until fifty years of age, and that is the stage of maturity.

The fourth stage: Starts from fifty years of age until seventy years of age, and that is the stage of old age. The fifth stage: Starts from seventy years of age until death, and that is the stage of decrepitude.

The start and end of these stages may fluctuate from person to person. Nonetheless their stages are five. Moreover they should show them the ugliness of all that is ugly, and encourage them to acquire good morals and they should not slacken in teaching them as much as they can bears, for this is the stage of plantation.

A poet said. And disregard the old, For he is too old to be disciplined. Discipline might benefit a little boy in his cradle, But it does not benefit an old man. Therefore one should reflect. Because of that, al- Walld ended up making mistakes in grammar and syntax.

Section: Investing in the Intellect of a Child It is possible that a child might be privileged with intelligence enabling him to know what is good for him. He is one the greatest and most artful caliphs He grew , Madinah as a jurisprudent, with vast knowledge and a worshipper.

Mr a succession was transferred to him after the death of his father in 65 H. When they saw him, they all ran away in different directions except for Ibn al-Zubayr 6 , may Allah be pleased with him, who stood still. My house or your house?

He participated in the battle of Yarmouk with his father. He was given the pledge of Khilafah after the death of Yazld in Makkah. And he was the first child to be born after Islam. He was born twenty months after hijrah and he is the eldest of the children of Zubayr.

He was killed in Makkah in 73 H. He forgets the suffering and danger of falling into sin at such age. That said, the father should know and be aware of the fact that his son will be subjected to what he previ- ously went through.

By spending this period keeping oneself out of harm, one gets im- mensely closer to Allah, Exalted is He. However being neglectful during it, is a cause of great loss. Whoever can endure the temp- tation of sins patiently without falling into them deserves to be praised, just as Yusuf falayht as- salat wa salarnf was praised for his patience, for if he had sinned, he would not have been what he had become.

Who- ever leaves his desire for My Sake, your status to me is like the status of one of my angels. And it is enough of evidence that he reflects on himself and the way his organs are organised. As a result he should realise that this organisation must have an organiser, exacdy as a construction must have a construc- tor. One should also know that he has two angels who accompany him his whole life, and write his deeds and they display them be- fore Allah, May He be exalted and glorified, Allah said.

Also reported by al- Alban! If I did, I would be ashamed of both of them i. If he commits a sin, he should wipe it out with repent- ance and making up for it. Whoever leaves it for the Sake and Pleasure of Allah; I will immerse his heart with Imdn, so that he will find its sweetness in his heart. He was banished from Balkh, so he went to Samarqand and died in it in the year 3 1 9 H. People are of three types: firstly, those who spend their life ci- ing plenty of good deeds, and those are the successful Secon y those who combined good deeds with bad deeds, and fell shot and those are the losers.

And finally, the people of sms and long heedlessness, and those are the ruined. Therefore he should appreciate the value of what he can do in this time and also the great reward as a result.

For that reason, one should hold fast to patience! And he who sinned during his youthfulness should reflect on the great satisfaction and achievement he has missed out on. For nothing remains from sins except lasting re- gret, which he feels distressed by every time he remembers it. And so remembering it becomes a punishment. Thus, whenever someone tears off the garment of piety, only a fool will buy it off him as it becomes nothing but a deficient merchandise.

And a man who started his life with sins and long heed- lessness, but then he repented, then he is Sahib al-Yamin companions of the right hand and finally a man who started doing evil deeds in a very early age and persisted on them until he left this life and this is Sahib ai-Shimdi Compan- ions of the left hand. His Kunyah is Abul-Qasim. He was a legal Jurist, who was knowledgeable in the religion.

He was born, raised and died in Baghdad. He died in the year H. You are like a person travelling in the desert while possessing priceless jewels that he intends to sell in the land of reward, so beware of falling into the trap of your treacherous desire so you do not end up selling what you have for less than of what it is worth. Abandoning sins when one is old and his hair is grey, is not like the one who abandon sins when he is young.

Rejoice if you struggled against your desires patiendy, O friend, yell at idle play and tell its fire to be extinguished. So restrain your lust with patience and ensure you fast continuously, for it will cool you down. And keep your eyes off unlawfulness and be content with the lawful you have been blessed with and you will deserve the praise in the future. Abandon playfulness for Allah commends those who are patient, O soul, this is the season so take your provision from it.

Enduring self desires patiently, is repentance, so hold fast and oppose your unsettled lust. You will be praised in the Hereafter if you abandoned your desires, and you will enjoy the eternal life comfortably. Nevertheless, during this stage of life a person is more able to struggle against his desires, in spite of the layers of grey hair [i. For this reason, the illumination of grey hair, which signals to the path of departure from this life, should be enough warning and alert for a mature man.

That said, a mature man should con- trol the remnants of himself, that are still attached and attracted toward his desires, so that he is successfull. However this success is neither comparable, nor equivalent to the success achieved at young age. The light of youthfulness was a trust I kept, With me until I gave it back to its owner.

Then the grey hair arrived with its soldiers, like lions from the' jungle that made my black hair disappear.


Awakening from the Sleep of Heedlessness

Brand: Darussalam International Publications Riyad. Brand: Other Publication. Brand: Purity Honey. Others are wasteful of time and thereby loss and regret. The corrupt one who acts contrarily to Divine Pleasure will be destroyed. This fourth masterpiece in the series expounds on the five stages of life the first stage of encouraging and disciplining; the second stage of youthfulness, protecting the self and struggling against desires; the third of maturity; the fourth stage of old age; the fifth stage of decrepitude.


Awakening From the Sleep of Heedlessness


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