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Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Uploaded by Ameh Mummy Brutnell. Document Information click to expand document information Description: Book. Date uploaded Jan 07, Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Description: Book. Flag for Inappropriate Content.

Download Now. For Later. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Al rights reserved. This book uses the supernatural or settings, characters and themes. All mystical and supernatural elements ane cetuaityment purposes only. Check out White Wolf onlme at brepullwww. She fel: only cold, an oblivion that souldhave lod ars eternity — and then this Hold ca!

Uno momenta, por favor! Her kind didn't fall unconscieus, Torper, yes. She teu, vu tel, Instead, her entice bay bfiered from some inexplicable larguor, her libs refusing respond tuiher commands, Eyes still squeezes shuxt — mame to decieve wayonewhornight be wanchingand revelingin her strange and helpless state into thinking her sill aslesp than because she feared what she might see — Carlora stretched forth herother ener.

Sounds, scents even curren in the mall ee anu nore painted detailed portrait of the com sround her. Her heightened! The room, was not tembly lange, of so she jodged by the feel of the slush i curents that rusted past her face. Ie was probably somewhere between three and five meter om msde. I Mure de Dis! She wasntabme.

Rasher shermigh bealone now, bur someone haa been thete recently encugh. The feeble epping ound ofa wick and the ever eft teh of waerth suggested caridle bumingsomewhere across the chamber, Where the fick was sie? Flow dae hell ad she gottes Carloca tried w relax, and remembered They'dgnerokllebatfacking Tremere someCamila stooge who netualydheghthe cauldactupshoy nthe ungle of Peru, just lnk his Sabbar terme. The Warlock, though, Was undoubtedly motethan immediately met the ee.

Arcane siyils and linge overed the Inside of the shanty. He was definately more powerful than he locked — and the fucker knew they Fe was Javier it had to be. Well serve her right for using n hoo! The Pander'sskin abrupely raidened, hiseyesbubbling.

Sheleaptar the Tremet,lecing bose an ear-plitting primal shriek from her throat even as her Iideou elm but fron her fingertip.

When last Carlota saw hr, the Gangrel was sripped inthe depths of the ted far, icing nco the jungle and serearaingas labs of roasted tes Loughe off her smoldering bey Eitie Antonis sill waned ouside, despite she tc tt thinys were cleslygoingtobell nahin bisket or supething urplesiane hod befallen hits ns well.

Magic urge ebnough her m abe drew on the power intrinstc wo dhe plants and minerals f the work! Caripar staggered dough the open doorway and watched from outside as fit the Tremere, and thet the erie hut, burned to so rmuch fering ash She remembered a sifting of the aie bebind het, a though someone uppwched; she bean to mm, expecting Antonio, ane there.

Then — nonin Nothing. Sh knew thie woe! The souncot her grinding fangs everher ite eghout the rom. Javier —a skinny. Something ly in sacophugusor temigh before him, though ot ould rot, from her ane see what it might be. Have yo non ral ene fale eae for alinoat a year now? Nobody betrays the Sabbt! Fat oad adn worked omy ever since Carlota sep the wri and relies tall bis ta have ns.

And I — 1 was mone than happy to stad beside them against Hair the Black of rmocnlessmiight wasswepx back frombistaceandneck vith, a silver clasp, He ste!

Aline of aginy ripped through Caritas stn Incipable of any mone mnt beyond mpeech chs evukin'reven dor swe a chic inthe Trettere's hovel.

How fad he danse th she akiad eon Y Hal javier somehow created bale dall or some other mparheni efit didnt sect liketys her own knowledge of weadoum was fr oo lite to allow uch 9 thing. A few yampites prac ticed cide bload-sorceries before ther, but this wis no what you would eall real Discipline. When the clan's foundesstransformed themselves torn mortal wizards into the undead, they rendered all other bleod magicobsolece That'sucerbosh, Few among he Kindred woulddeny upto the Storyteller to decide whether these dup cavadpethereqire sector fe icsimpler to use each path exactly as written, then do so.

Discus it with your players —and mul sure that every lector priest character-m. Divine Hann This path deals with sympathetic magke. Realistic sale twodel cars, nicky and other tye are a hoon to, magicians with Divine anu The lector priest must hand-craft mod tlsof peonke, animals orspintsout of beeswax.

The magician inscrbes words cf power on the model while chanting inyocationsta the goals. The player nisedsa single sceess. The character callsupot Anubis, the mediator between worlds, Hecannor affect waits or ether sortsof spirits As vith the Hand of Khnurn, the mayician reel the victim's Truc Name ora sample of her body and hermundane name. The ngician must muke an extraocdinary effort, however, ovemower the innate magic ofthe vitim's beg.

The however, use passive sits. The victim. They svim in the river and coil about the limbs of the unredeemed dead. Through this power, che magician makes ber ict Fllnate about sakes.

The vit ars by scetng a single agp slither nearbe. No matter what the victimdses the snake comes closer. Fhe nuns, anothersnke dropsdewn before him orslithem from bebund the furniture Ieatcks he ake, vanishes ut another sent kes dey place, Bete long inate asapcnit appear anal oe shan austocail amuidhistowy Aldhough the snakes look real ipa Hheyneweraesiy te They eon eten Other poeple of course. Duat cannot breathe ot speak. Fer vampires, muteness tsa minoe inconvenience; they do not, of course, need to reathe.

Fara tnt, oseath cantalland deliver him wo thenetherwerid in truth ifthe magician persists long enough, Mortals can survive afew minutes of suffocation Dut hameduaely rap Injured. Once mortal lases coyscionsness from this attack, she eas ive as many mines asher Stumina Trait iting belore suffocating to death.

This power affects yarpites, other corporeal supertural entities and weiths, bur other sores of spirits. The victim, ing himsel die canalso expend Willpower ta stay acti another tum. Whlledoingth,the victim sillersa-2dice penalty to all dice pools, as if artempring to do two things at ice.

Bg pia mit tikas Losier sv this werd One old tle tell ofa magica who creat a raga sean hn nd bears eho kdeenped a king frm and returned him the same night, Varpite cian cannot perform such magnificent ea, but masers 1 Usian athcan sl hese my wera Exch use ofthis pth reuitesa veparate figurine.

Thuy magician who warts to cteate a crocalitefhuons a mel tocreatea falcon, he wes a mod akon. Arnal can we afigurne oaly once. Inevery cae the mean makexthe len oe chy mixed wih Bal poe wor ir wn vine, The Uremerie artes rw of prereset e same mn Expean iereighies —"tegen ulloxks pal or the Hike. Then she inthe the figure 1 hency an beer and fumignescin te smoke of varicusheths. They seok both bashing and lethal damage full Stamina ar ciffculty 6 Although habe car esses the physical abilities intrinsic to snanimal form, suck 2s fight fer vin ora lis's claws and reeth, they canna awe any or tragic powers Lihatt: mange ftom obvious animate mannikins ny comulocr almost indistinguishable foe ie.

Moverately like; comb! I an habs inverse seth ontinary huis curse its ewances haven, the mag dlegrcks rapidly: sith ar hour the tshabreverstewaxor cay andl becomes i crurabling stmuerte agin. Most ofthe time, che Tucan makes ab for sow use, bare can pe Thece wiceme Five suxceises tushabuforanother penon to use arsame later time Thiscoats the magician a post of Willpower.

Syotem: Whether human or animal, these basic ushalt have twa dots in each Physical Artribute, one dor i each Mental Atribite and no dows in thet Social Arras Ushaka can be emuciful, if their rakerfishionsther 9. Servitors can periorm rmoderarly complex tusks thar requice some: small cegree ot common sense System: To the hisie Laborer, add three devs of At tributes but ne Social Attributes, al n Mental A tribute canrivetbove2.

Ne Social or Mental Attribure cain rise above dors, neither ear any Ability. A maser of Ushabn can create servants of remarkable sill orpower whn are cately Uap Tan ho vna Kany do dey never re cemarkahly, amagcian can craft abel for asp aralhit iit ane boely wall eruly live, as a free-willed being from then on. Willpowerlikeastarting Vampire character.

Anvshalicrenedy the GiftofKhnum does net de thepreanee of oadiinyhutens orat de end mcth ell dlegade within minutes, however, if someone challenges i identity and convinces it that it i nota real persin. One Setire legsndllofs ficholuee whoservedescearerforalwundced yeanbefineitsawitseectionatuleaslton twas pect one of itsriaster'ssmnues.

Ander story tellsit a perfectly lelike: ustabd whe mamed and bore children to her husband. This eer sustains ghouls si ir err mie vampire vitae: Vomnpeer can deine, coo.


Blood Sacrifice: The Thaumaturgy Companion

While the Tremere have potent magic at their command, Hermetic tradition isnt the only source of mystic power. The ancient ways of Egyptian magic, the Sufic trances of the Middle East, sacrificial Hindu rites and the natural magic of Caribbean craft can all be used to affect the Final Nights. But what are these thaumaturgies capable of? Expanded information on non-traditional Thaumaturgy comprises Blood Sacrifice. This book includes four new styles of the Discipline, as well as paths and rituals for each. It also looks into the rare but unforgettable magical 'anomalies' that populate Vampires World of Darkness, those strange mystic artifacts that just seem to happen.


WOD - Vampire - The Masquerade - Blood Sacrifice - The Thaumaturgy Companion

Blood Sacrifice: The Thamaturgy Companion inludes: - New schools of blood magic, incuding rituals and paths - A multicultural look at predominantly Western magical style - Residuals and anomalies: magic that is unique or waning in the world. RPG Item Rank: Vampire: The Masquerade Storyteller. Horror Supernatural. Demon: The Fallen Storyteller.

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