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Gold Advanced Exam Maximizer. Karla Briseira. This, together with practice tests such as Pearson's to maximise your chances of success in the Cambridge: Pract ice Test s Pl us: Cambridge Adva nced 2 New Edit io n Advanced examination. Cambridge English: Advanced CAE exam by offering you: 3 You have a very short time in which to prepare for the f urthe r practice and revisio n of all the important Cambridge English: Advanced exam.

Advanced exam standard, although you have not been following a coursebook. You now need specific exam skills. You will details of common mistakes at this level and how to not need to follow a coursebook, but you will use the avoid them. This 5 You are preparing for the Cambridge English: mea ns that you will know exactly what to expect in Advanced exam on your own. Maybe yo u are not attending a Cambridge English: How can I use the Gold Advanced class, but w ish to take the exam and prepare for it independently.

Yo u w ill get the practice and preparation Advanced Exam Maximiser? Here are some typical situations: You are doing a Cambridge English: Advanced course with other students, probably over an academic year. What is in the Gold You are all planning to take the exam at the same time. Advanced Exam Maximiser?

You are using the Gold Advanced Cou rsebook in class. Each unit has g ram m ar, vocabula r y, listening , speaking Sometimes you w ill also do the related exercises or even and writing sections. These are linked to the topics of the a whole unit from the exam maximiser in class; your Gold Advanced Coursebook, and provide further practice teacher will also ask you to do exercises from it at home in relevant skill s and exam tas ks. There are Use of Eng lish as wel l. You will use the entire exa m m ax imiser or you sections in exam format after every two units which provide will use it selectively, depending on your needs and the more practice in the tasks and are based on the topic areas time available.

At t he back of the book, there is a short section giving 2 You have already done a Cambridge English: exampl es of common language errors and short activities Advanced co urse and you are now doing an intensive to help you avoid making them. There is also a section on course to p repare for the exa m.

Since you have already worked though the Gold Advanced Once you have worked through all the units, you will be Coursebook or perhaps another Cambridge English: ready to try the Practice exam at the back of the book.

Ca nd idates achi eving a Grade A receive a certificate stating they d em onstrated ability at C2 level. Candidates who perform below Cl level receive a ce rtificate stati ng they demonstrated ability at 82 level.

Paper Formats Task focus Reading and Use of Part 1: multiple-choice cloze: choosin g wh ich Part 1: use of vocabulary e. Candidates evaluate words the points and express their own opini o ns, with rea sons Writing Part 2: one Part 2: p roducing one piece of w ri ting of Part 2: writing for a specinc reader using task from a choice of words from a choi ce of th ree which appropriate layou t and register, and a variety of t hree may include a letter, review, proposal or re port functio ns Listening: four part s, Part 1: three short unrelated extracts, each with Part 1: understanding gist, feeling, attitude, 30 questions two multiple-choice questi o ns o p inion, speaker purpose, ete.

Part 2: m o nologue with a sentence-com pletion Part 2: understanding and recording specinc task inforrnation Part 3: interview with one or more spea kers and Part 3: understanding attitude and opinion of si x multiple-choice questions one or more speakers Part 4: nve short mo nologues on a theme to Part 4: understand ing gist, attitude, main m atch to one of eight opti o ns in two tasks points, ete. Speaking: four parts Part 1: general conversa ti on Part 1: general social language Part 2: comparin g two out of three pict ures and Part 2: compa ring, speculating and expressing answerin g two further questions opinion s Part 3: conversation between candidates based Part 3: giving and asking for opinions, on a question and written prompts.

Cand idates exp laining, negotiating, ete. You may be asked two or three questions, depending on the time. Try to extend your answer into a couple of sentences but be careful you don't go on for too long. D Listen to the questions an exa miner asks.

M atch the exa miner's questions w ith the answers A- E. There is one extra q uestion fo r which there is no answer. A That's a difficult one. Probably working in America 7 1've got to finish my studies first and then I'd like to travel and work my way across the USA.

B By using socia l networking sites. I'm on Facebook a lot and, of course, I text and email my best mates regu larly and we meet up a lot too. C Most ofthe time I tend to stay in my country. We've got some lovely seaside towns and, of course, we have the mountains too. D Let's think Most probably I'll be doing an assignment.

I've got one to finish for my history course and the dead line is Monday. E Yes, I used to play a lot of tennis when I wa s at secondary school. I belonged to a tennis club then, too. But I gave it up when I left and went to university. Not enough time, I'm afraid. The correct gap. Read the four options. Choose the best option. When you have finished, read the text the only word that fits again with the words inserted to check grammatica ll y in the gap. Why is this happening? It's often presented as indicating the undesirable Another 11 Decide if the verbs in Activity 2 are is the communications and technological revolution, which allows people to stative 5 ' dynamic D or can be 4 social events when they're living alone.

But a key both B. They see it as D Decide if one or both sentences are a way to 7 time in developing themselves personally possible in each item. Tick v the and professionally. This means that the whole social framework is sentences that are correct. B She's having a baby. A damage B breakage C splinter o fragmentation B I'm feeling quite ill. What is t he w riter's main pu rpose? For questions 1- 6, choose the answer A, B, C or D wh ich you The award fo r Best Actor had just been announced.

A the early arrival of a plane that is usually late 3 A dog ran across the road and the car.. D the respect other travellers give her 5 Ou r trainer I was exhausted. A you are not accepted by the local people. B you are always moving on. D you have some official problems. A expenses. C health problems.

Reading A It didn't happen quickly. C It was a result of becoming proficient About the exam: in Spanish. Each question 5 According to the writer, which aspect of Spanish gives you four options to choose from.

Only one is correct. Strategy: A sport Read the text and the title quickly to get an idea of what it is about. Then read the questions but do not look at the B food options yet as this can be confusing. C shopping Find the section of text that the question relates to and read it D nightlife carefully.

Think of the answer without referring to the options. Look at the options and choose the one that is closest to A disappointed by their new life. B insecure in the first few months. Make sure that there is evidence for your answer in the text C anxious about their decision to move. It is a mental sensation finally ready to call Madrid her home. For me, feeling at home In Madrid has been a slow progressing relationship. The 'Back home!

The CIty tnlt1ally made my acquaintance as a child: I had attended Iberia flight from Munich, where I grew up, to Madrid, where several summer camps to improve my language skills. At age I had been living for two years, had been on time. And at age 22, the capital and I hit a home delays and strikes. Yet when I hit the 'Send' button of my phone, run: I came back for good, moving in to my current piso I was caught even more profoundly by surprise.

For the first apartment. Slowly but surely, I learned to live the Spanish time, I had referred to Madrid as my home. Where is home? A5 a natural optimist, I For many expats, the concept isn't continue to believe in all the black or white.

Home involves positive aspects of living in numerous gray areas, including Madrid. If sports ignite your family and friends, memories, spirit, Spaniards will welcome language, religion, lifestyle, culture you to cheer along - the and more.





Cae Gold Exam Maximiser 2008 answers


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