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Sold by: Amazon. Skip to main content Cari Silverwood. Something went wrong. Please try your request again later. Cari Silverwood lives in Australia and is a New York Times bestselling writer of kinky darkness or sometimes dark kinkiness, depending on her moods and the amount of time she's spent staring into the night. Are you an author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography.

Learn more at Author Central. Previous page. Kindle Edition. Next page. Blog post. What if the storybook hero becomes the villain? This is the least appropriate time for me to fall in lust with the enemy. Obsession is the sign of a man who is losing control. Be punctual for this appointment Miss Moriarty.

I have things I need to d. Yes both Rutger and Cyn are out. The Beast Horde is complete! So this is it, all of Beast Horde has been released! The Ghoul Lords threaten the extermination of all humankind and much of our world has been destroyed.

There will be love, death, and dirty, messy sex among the ruins. Sex is what keep. Vargr is Out. A tough heroine will always rise to the occasion, and so will her heroes… rising horns, rising orc members, or maybe rising tentacles. When you venture across the universe you learn to expect the unexpected. Mesmer is a co-written story with Jennifer Bene.

This released over a month ago and I forgot to blog it! My very darkest romance. He wanted to dre. After she is caught trying to steal an artifact from an alien temple, Avalon is saved from a terrible fate by four veteran warriors, but the battle-scarred brutes make it clear they have no intention of setting her free.

She belongs to them now, and one after the other they bring her roughly to heel, using and enjoying her beautiful body as t. On her knees. Drake has taken it now, and soon the little human princess will kneel at his feet and surrender not only her throne but her beautiful virgin body as well.

Though she does her best to hide her helpless arousal as the huge, battle-hardened beast tears her clothing to shreds and then spanks her soundly. Exquisite Possession has released early. Though there may be spin-off books, these will not be part of the series. A mech in love is capable of truly dangerous things. How eagerl. Exquisite Possession coming January. This won't be a preorder so keep an eye out for the book on Amazon.

It will be in Kindle Unlimited. My facebook. BLADE has released! Ware the tentacles and appendages! Cari Silverwood has created a world of lust, depravity, and tentacles mixed with a dry, dark humor which never fails to delight. In her world, the mundane becomes obscene, the obscene becomes thoroughly arousing, and swords do sex to spaceships. Sort of. As searingly hot as it is brilliantly original, Blade is a doorway to another dimension dressed up as dirty book.

Used - now on Amazon. Red is on a mission to kill. When only one man knows the truth from your past and he holds the strings that turn you into a puppet, why not take that step? To rise she must go knee-deep into the muck. This is not a romance. There is no happily ever after, no happily anything. It is carnal, dark, and so depraved you may need to hose out your mind after r. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get free delivery with Amazon Prime. Books By Cari Silverwood. This is a standalone Dark Romance. She is my arch enemy's niece. I am an arrogant, controlling bastard, an excellent detective, and women are turning up dead and bound with strange marks on their bodies.

Be punctual for this appointment, Miss Moriarty. I have things I need to do. Filthy, perverted things. Each of the Dirty Heroes books feature different heroes in different story worlds. A curse compels the heroes to act upon their most deviant desires.

Other Formats: Paperback. PREY To stay 'alive', a stoneshifter must make love to a female every ten years. When they get rescued by a psychotic cyborg called Baz, Ember begins to see the advantage in having two hulking warlike males by her side. Correction - make that two hot males who want in her pants, her bed, and maybe her heart.

BLADE More than sparks will fly — fur, spiky bits, and possibly tentacles - when Ledderik, a depressed cyborg, saves Thorn from death and gets sucked into the wake of her cataclysmic siren attraction.

She has such a cute … tail. There are just a couple of small problems: Led no longer owns his body, and Thorn has been declared a biohazard on most planets. The two of them cross the galaxy, with Led swapping from loaner body to loaner body. The hot ex-cyborg has one priority — make sure the downstairs department is BIG. These are the pansy dark books you reach for when you're all darked out and one step from seeing a therapist.

The Dom with a Safeword Jun 26, Late at night, on an amateur ghost hunt, Sabrina and her best friend Q are caught trespassing by the gorgeous, blond Jude. The embers of attraction between them sizzle when they discover Jude's kinks match their own.

Jude is a Dom on his last summer of freedom before starting the prison sentence that is med school. Q is a badass bi switch who knows what she wants, and for years it's been her cute, doe-eyed straight friend Sabrina.

But the only way to get into Sabrina's heart and panties may be with Jude's fist wrapped in her hair. Domming the bratty Q and mischievous Sabrina isn't going to be easy, but Jude relishes the challenge. At the end of the summer, will they find a way to stay together when everything is tearing them apart? To stay 'alive', a stoneshifter must make love to a female every ten years.

When Mila discovers her sister will be the next victim on Sacrifice Day, her normal reply would be, sorry, I'm busy. After viewing ancient data and seeing the massive size of stoneshifters, Mila decides to rescue Tiana.

Her sister is blood and she'd rather not see her tied to the sacrifice table and turned into jam. Everything goes wrong, of course. Lord Zarblu, stoneshifter and owner of the enormous black fortress looming over the city, turns his gaze upon Mila. Like a giant cat with a teensy mouse, Zarblu plays with Mila. Gentle and caring are words that no stone-beast monster should claim, surely? Desiring something that might kill you is insane yet the sacrifice table begins to look attractive.

Zarblu is a big, strong, determined male who's had a thousand, thousand years to contemplate life. What if he isn't quite the monster she thought he was What if he wants her to be his sacrifice?

This is a very graphic and carnal story for those who love the fantasy of being caught by a monster.


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