Ensure wellness to your timber project. Grasp the basics of applied physics to attain high performance in timber buildings by Professor Michele de Beni and engage in networking with other associates. Get your ticket today! Jump to.

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Packaged quantities may vary. No liability is assumed for any errors in printing, technical data or translations. Pictures partially completed with accessories not included.

Images for illustration purposes only. This catalogue is the exclusive property of Rotho Blaas srl and may not be copied, reproduced or published, totally or in part, without prior written consent.

All violations will be prosecuted according to law. The values provided must be verified by the designer in charge. No liability is assumed for any printing or typing errors. All rights reserved. Rothoblaas is an Italian multinational from the alpine region, a leader in the development and supply of advanced technological solutions for the timber building sector. We are responsible for advertising, we create our catalogues, and we are directly involved in every aspect of packaging and labelling.

And we do all this with the skills we have within our company. For over 20 years, the qualified technicians of our repair shop have been taking care of the machines that we retail. They do it with skill and reliability, passion and professional know-how, providing service of excellence in short turnaround time and ensuring machine durability and performance over time.

For the transportation of all kinds of panels gypsum board, particle board, multi-layer, etc. Makes transportation easier by protecting the back, shoulders, neck and hands. Resistant to mould and humidity Sharp saw-toothed profiles for precise element jointing, include side joints Precisely adjustable height.

Process elements on 1, 2, 3 or 4 sides, as needed Working capacity: 2 people ca. For the quick tape application to battens Strong reduction in application costs For tapes from 50 to 80 mm and battens from 40 x 40 to 80 x 80 mm. The especially developed bicomponent plastic material joins the grip to the handle for extra safe use. For even greater safety, the head is fastened to the handle by a tempered steel pin in place of the common elastic dowel. Ratchet spanner with through hole and 8 bushings of varying sizes 4 ring spanners in a single tool So the most commonly used sizes are always at hand.

With lever to stop the blade. This mechanism allows the replacement of the cutting edges in a simple and fast With the soft support is even simpler exert maximum pressure with your thumb.

For gluing synthetic or bitumen membranes Correct laying requires the use of a cord of glue at least 2 mm thick. Two steel screw-ring included Equipped with elastic strap Facilitates operator movements thanks to its smaller size. Double function: fall arrest and positioning Arrests a fall from a height, a slip on a sloping surface or an uncontrolled descent. Suitable for securing industrial warehouses, viaducts and bridges under construction Maximum distance between anchor points: 2.

Made of very high strength galvanized steel The built-in jaws hold down the screw head in the wall Can be used for axial and transversal loads. The bearing capacity of the anchor in combination with the screws Rothoblaas must be verified separately.

Add ca. After 20 - 30 minutes the treated surface can be smoothed, painted or varnished. For pockets measuring min. Forstner drill bits with centering tip, 2 main cutting edges and undulated circular cutting edge Low heat generation ensures precise holes and incredible durability Ideal for free hand and stationary use. Designed to be used with Bormax bits Cutter with double internal sharpening and external cutting edges with mechanical sharpening.

The depth stop with rotating support, is fixed element in working, leaving no traces on the material. Cutter centering is ensured by a head or centering tip With depth stop adjustable in diameter, 40 - 90 mm With centering holes for positioning of interchangeable head or centering tip.

Reinforced bit for maximum stability Very high penetration speed thanks to the scalpel shape Very high quality bit, with two flutes. Suited for plugging machines with SDS Plus attachment with double slot. For the drilling of solid wood, lamellar wood, roofing material, etc. Enormous drilling depth and extraordinary mm diameter Very high drilling speed thanks to the innovative cutting edges and simple cut element removal. Cuts insulation material of any kind glass and rock wool, polystyrene, wood fibre, etc.

For milling, fluting and much more Indicated for solid wood, wood panels and panels of other materials, as well as for some types of plastic For machine or free hand use. With wheels, with 1. The machine includes tracing laser, automatic blade brake, handle for lateral inclination and HM x 4. We Australia - Sydney design, we test, we carry out checks on our products and we follow the entire certification process. Robert Blaas We want to create products that distinguish us, even if only for one detail.

Insertion of the screw into the wooden structure perpendicular or inclined 3. Removal of the screw optional max 55 mm 4. Colour hues can be mixed Add ca. HH 2. CE l l 4, , Published on Jul 16, Go explore.








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