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Great shot, super clean!! Thanks Derek! It's funny, I ran into John Michael Cooper's work after I tried doing a few of these a couple of years ago. To me, this is about the best place to use Photoshop in work.

Shooting like this is actually a lot easier than you'd think, just don't move the tripod! I love that shot you did on your site! Super moody and textured! Of yeah, and the rest of the shoot is amazing as well :. Katie and I joined Sarah and her bridesmaids at her house early in the afternoon as they were getting ready. The Jack in the Box was still fresh on the table and everyone was in good spirits as they finished up.

Sarah was incredibly relaxed and not nervous in the slightest. As she said, she was ready to get married and just soaking in the day. After the limo picked up Sarah and the girls, Katie and I drove over to meet the Chase and his guys. They were all ready to go when we got there it took them about ten minutes to get ready and looking sharp.

We only had a few minutes with them before the ceremony started, but we were able to knock out some crazy cool portraits. At the church Sarah stayed out of sight while their guests gathered and the limo returned with the guys. Tucked away, she chatted with her girls and received one last embrace from her parents before she was married.

Chase waited patiently at the front of the church until he caught the first glimpse of this bride. The ceremony seemed quick to me, I can only imagine how it felt to Sarah and Chase.

Right after the ceremony Sarah and Chase greeted their guests outside the church. Then we all headed for the reception at the Atwater Community Center. After a few quick family portraits Sarah, Chase, Katie and I walked out into the field for a few more photographs of just them. Sarah was stunning and Chase Mr. Cool--together they were in love. I loved how the looked at each other and held each other. You could just see it in their eyes. Inside everyone enjoyed a delicious dinner while the bridal party took turns honoring the bride and groom.

During dinner Katie and I set up the crazybooth and got ready to get busy. Once the guests finished dinner and some before the crazybooth was jumping with Katie at the helm. All of the guests loved being able to pose and have prints made right there to take home as suveniours from the wedding.

The night went off without a hitch. Everyone enjoyed the party while Sarah and Chase got to spend the evening with their guests. But before I could let them go for the night, I snuck them outside of one last photograph. Make sure you scroll all the way to the end--let's just say I have a soft spot in my heart cool cars. Congratulations again Sarah and Chase and thank you for bringing us along for the ride! Your photography work is stunning.

You seem to have captured the spirit of the day and Sarah and Chase will have beautifully preserved memories because of you! Patrick and Katie, I can't even begin to Thank you enough for your work at my brothers wedding. You guys were fun, funny, down to earth and absolutly amazing photographers. Just the few preveiw photos I've seen gets me very excited to see the rest. And I can't say enough good things about the "crazy booth" Your work, as well as you guys are beautiful.

Thank you again for everything! Thanks so much Laurie this means a lot to both Katie and I! It was great to meet you and be a part of the wedding. Everyone really seemed to enjoy the crazybooth and we have tons of great photos to prove it. We have lots and lots of photos to go through and will post more shortly. Thank you for being there for one of the happiest days of our family's life.

The pictures are beautiful so far and all the guests had a wonderful time at the photo booth. You and Katie were wonderful! Patrick and Katie As you may well know, Sarah is very particular in what she wants. She wanted the best, and she got the best. You both made everyone feel comfortable and was non-intrusive and at times I didn't know you were there.

The crazy photo booth was a hit and such a great idea to have family take their photos also. We are awaiting the photos with baited breath. Take your time, perfection is slow sometimes. Thanks again for being Sarah and Chase's shadow!

Patrick and Katie, Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all you two did at Sarah and Chases wedding! You did such an amazing stunning job!

You both were so professional, funny, witty, and definetley put everyone at ease! Also,the crazy booth was so much fun and Katie, you were so patient with every re-take costume change.. Two families coming together to celebrate a marriage is a momentous occasion and Im very glad that you were able to capture that! Thank you!! Copyright , Patrick Pike PhotoBlog by intothedarkroom. One light into twenty.

For Photographers. Sometimes I dream bigger than my budget allows. Wouldn't it be cool to have a lot of really powerful lights and big silks and softboxes to be able to do anything?

So until that day when I have a crew to carry all of my gear and set it up for me when I want, I'm going to keep on getting the job done with the gear I have. Here's how I shot Sarah and Chase in a '65 Cadillac at their wedding with one light. I started by selecting a location that had enough elements to build the photo. Because I am working with so much light, I can selectively bring out elements of the frame I want and drop others that I don't need.

I liked the trees above with the car below. I went with a long lens to compress everything and not let in too many distracting elements. Double check your frame and make sure it's what you want, once you start this it takes a while. Then it's time to lock the camera down on a tripod and get to work.

The idea now is to take many photos, each frame using the flash to light up just part of the scene. Later we will combine the various parts to create the whole. This killed the ambient but also gave me some room to work with since I was using just one speedlight. For ease of post production, it's best to have a solid black background, so it is important not to have too much ambient. If you want to include a background, just take a separate frame with a long exposure.

You've gotta use manual power on the speedlight here, ETTL just won't work with the light being in the frame plus the car is too reflective for consistency. Starting with the car, I put a shoot through umbrella in front of my light and walked around the car lighting up the car. Don't worry too much about getting yourself in the frame, just worry about lighting up the car properly. I worked around the car, lighting up one side or part at a time until I knew I had lit the whole car in pieces.

Next, I repeated the process with the trees, but this time with a bare flash. I shot the trees being lit up from different angles making sure to give myself options later. Finally, I went and got the bride and groom from the dance floor for a few minutes. I posed them in the car, put a tight grid on the flash so as to not re-light the car, and walked around them lighting them up.

At the end, I had about twenty or so photos of the car, ten of the trees, and maybe fifteen of the couple. Now it's time for that dreaded thing called Photoshop. I sorted through the photos and grouped them according to the area, car, couple or trees.

Then place each photo on its own layer in photoshop and set the blending mode to "Lighten". Now with each individual layer in Photoshop, you can turn a layer on or off to turn the light in that particular photo on or off. Experiment and find the best look for what you want. I played a bit to get the right balance of light and dark on the frame.

Once you get things looking the way you want, its time for some quick masking in the individual layers to block out anything that you don't want in your final edit in this case I am in the frame pretty consistently. Thankfully this is pretty quick and easy to do.


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