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Djinn Summoning Introduction In this book you will learn, almost all what I know on the Djinns and other living spiritual creatures! Before performing some formula you attentively read the whole book, so that to judge yourselves and the degree of internal preparation that you have. I warmly remember that the Djinns are types of spirits submitted in the same opinion of God as us human beings! There are some differences between Djinn and human beings, what you will learn reading this Book.

I am Christian and I thank God to also have created the Djinns. Warning: Thank you for your interest in summoning the great and powerful Djinn. Blessed be, if your intentions are pure. However, I must issue a warning: the Djinn, much like humankind, are beings of free will, capable of both good and pure, as well as evil and malicious deeds. You must treat them with complete respect and patience, and only then, after you have shown the Djinn that you are not trying to abuse its powers, will it feel comfortable enough with you to possibly materialize in its own, natural form, and to grant your wishes.

Please give the Djinn the time it needs to become accustomed to you before demanding it materialize or grant your wishes. It must respect you as well, and see you as a friend before it will choose to show itself and grant your wishes. In this book, I explain different ways to contact a Djinn, I warning you to contact a Believer marid Djinn! Believer Djinns never hurt a human being! You have been warned. Djinn or Genies, Jinn, Jinni, D-jinn, along with many other spellings are the race of spiritual beings created by God before mankind.

They were the first masters of the earth: mankind being the second. As men were made from clay, the Djinn were made from fire. Even today, they often materialize as subtle smokeless fire. The Djinn are creatures of free will, and are capable of both good deeds, as well as dark and evil ones.

Although invisible to humans, the Djinn are able to see humans, and may choose to appear to humans if they so desire. Djinn are mass-less creatures, capable of fitting into any size space they desire, which is what allows them to be bound to items such as lamps, rings, pendants, dolls, etc The Djinn have communities much like humans: they eat, marry, die, etc.

They follow the same religions as humans do, and have the same ranks in armies as humans do, although Djinn live much longer lives than humans do. Because they are made from subtle fire, Djinn may manifest themselves as humans, animals usually preferring a snake , fire, or any other object. Djinn are very powerful creatures, capable of granting humans any wish they desire. However, before a Djinn grants a wish, it must love and care for the particular human, and respect and recognize it as its master.

If the human is too hasty, and attempts to abuse the Djinns powers, the Djinn may pervert and twist the humans wishes against them Believer Djinns never hurt a human being! On our earth there are several classes of jinn or djinn whose bodies are made of smokeless fire as contrasted with angels whose bodies are composed of light.

The jinn sing. The lowest rank belong to the jann who are the least powerful. The second class is called jinn. The third class comprises shaitans. The fourth and powerful class are called ifrits. The fifth and most powerful class are the marids.

They said, 'We have really heard a wonderful Recital! He was one of the Jinns, and he broke the Command of his Lord. Will ye then take him and his progeny as protectors rather than Me? And they are enemies to you! Evil would be the exchange for the wrong-doers! It gives guidance to the Right, and we have believed therein: we shall not join in worship any gods with our Lord. They said, "O our people! We have heard a Book revealed after Moses, confirming what came before it: it guides men to the Truth and to a Straight Path.

Quraan V 11 Amongst us are some that submit their wills to Allah. Now those who submit their wills - they have sought out the path of right conduct: 'But those who swerve,- they are but fuel for Hell-fire' Quraan V Summoning a Djinn Formula You must acquire 3 scentless candles some odors repulse the Djinn , of any size…one being white, and one black, to symbolize the Djinns free will, and its ability to either be good or evil.

This also symbolizes the gateway between the world of man and the world of the Djinn. The third candle must be blood red, to symbolize the Djinn itself, and the smokeless fire that spawned it. Next, you must have with you a plain white bowl of any size, in order to place your offering. The only additional item you will need is a book of matches, and a large, clean mirror, to reflect the dual reality worlds of the Djinn and man. Before you begin the summoning formula, you must carve the following letters into the side of the red candle do NOT carve this message into the other two candles…only the red one : A'oo Thu Billahi min Ash Shaitan Arrajim What you just carved into the candle is an Arabic phrase often used to protect oneself against evil spirit Satan , and to call upon good Believers spirits and Djinn.

Now, you must prepare your own body for the Formula. First, you must bathe or take a shower, and wash yourself without the use of any soaps or shampoos. Your reason for doing this is to rid yourself of any unpleasant odors that might offend the Djinn, including the odors of shampoo or soap.

If possible, you should wash yourself naturally in a clean lake or stream, but this is not necessary. Then, you must but on loose, comfortable clothing your own relaxation is the key here.

Now, please make sure your house or the area you intend on performing the Formula is completely silent and free of distractions. Unplug any digital items that could make noise and distract you. Also, you must not have any electric lights on.

Now, you are ready to perform the actual summoning Formula. First, you must set up the area you are going to perform. To do this, you must sit down on the floor, cross legged, with the matches in an easily accessable area nearby, the mirror directly in front of you, and the three candles, placed in the order from the left white, red, black in front of you so that they are reflected in the mirror.

Finally, place the empty bowl, directly in front of the red candle, between the candle and the mirror. You must also have your item that you wish to capture the Djinn in a ring, watch, lamp, etc. It helps if the item has some deep personal meaning to you, but this is not necessary. First, you must bring yourself into a very relaxed and open state. To do this, you must gaze into the mirror, staring into your own eyes. As you gaze, take a deep breath, inhaling all the way, holding it for a second, and then slowly releasing.

Now, you may begin. The first part of the Formula is the lighting of the candles. To do this, strike a single match, and with it, first light the white candle, then the black, and then extinguish the match by blowing gently on it and setting it to the side.

Now, as a spiritual symbol of the joining of good and evil to form the basis of free will, with your left hand you will take the white candle, and with your right you will take the black. Using the flames from BOTH of. After the red candle is lit, you will place the white and black candles back into place. Now, you must perform the recitation part of the Formula.

You will recite the Arabic words you carved into the candle 9 times as best as you can. For all the religions the Djinn follow, there is a holy trinity, which equals 3. This is normal, as it is the Djinn making their presence known to you. The Djinn are just like mankind…they often long for things. All humans have an energy within them that the Djinn love to feed open.

This will be your offering to the Djinn to get it to come to you and live inside your item. Human hair carries a great amount of this energy the Djinn love to feed on. A strand of your own hair will be your offering to the Djinn. I offer you my own energy to do with as you wish in exchange for your guidance.

Pause for a moment. Now, take the item you wish the Djinn to go into, and also place it into the bowl. Then, pick up the black candle and blow it out, symbolizing the removal of free will and thus making you the Djinns master. Leave the red candle burning.

Now, remove the item from inside the bowl, and set it aside. Reach into the bowl, remove your strand of hair, and carefully drop it into the flame of the red candle. Allow the hair to burn completely.

As soon as the hair is burnt, the offering will be considered completed by the Djinn, and it will live inside the item you commanded it to. As soon as the hair is burnt completely, blow out the red candle, thus ending the Formula. The Formula has been completed, and if you followed everything perfectly and as it was laid out, your Djinn will now be captured in the item you commanded it enter.

Some people will be able to immediately feel the Djinns presence. Since your Djinn is new to you, there is very little chance it will appear as a physical manifestation until it gains your trust.

If you wish to ask it a question, however, there are ways that most Djinn prefer to answer you. If you wish to ask it a question, before it gets used to you, and will answer you with audible sound, do this: Take a pencil in your weakest hand, and place it on the first line of an empty piece of paper.

Ask the question outloud, in the presence of the Djinn, and command the Djinn to guide your hand and lead your to answers. Then, close your eyes, and begin moving the pencil slowly in random patterns, just doing whatever feels right,


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