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The Far Reaching Effect of Hatred. Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn. Even among master souls, there is the testing, for earth is a duality planet, a University of Polarity, and often it is through what may be termed as 'testing' set ups, that you grow. Therefore, not all conflicts are necessarily karmic, in your terms Dear Human Angels, in this session, we devote our energies to address a topic that is very important for humanity at this time.

But as we share our Truth, it is for you as sovereign beings to accept these words if they resonate with you, or to reject them if they do not. For your discernment is ever required for reception any such message, from any source, including this one, for you are Masters in the making. Negativity: Energy of Destruction versus Energy of Creation. We will speak on the topic of negativity. But we should first add that a better, more accurate description of the energies within duality that you term as positive and negative are creative and destructive.

In terms of the auric field, hate and fear are the primary disruptive forces that create auric imbalance and energetic toxicity. When your auric field is open, the destructive vibration of negativity can mal-effect you in myriad ways. At its base, the core vibration of hate is fear, but the nuances, causes and mechanisms of hatred are not always as apparent to you. And so in this discourse we will speak on the far reaching effects of hatred.

We would define our use of the word hate to mean a deep hardening of the heart in which one stoically and adamantly refuses to see any light any Divinity in the other and becomes obsessed with deep destructive emotions. Hate is earmarked by dwelling upon hateful feelings toward the other with no consideration of forgiveness or rectification. Hatred is widespread in duality.

Your bible speaks of the Cristos, Jesua ben Josef as having been tortured and crucified, and yet asking for those that committed the execution to be 'forgiven for they know not what they do. There is a saying most of you are familiar with that speaks of 'forgiven but not forgotten. So there is a widespread gamut of approaches to perceived injustice, some that would indicate that retribution is befitting vindication.

Masters, by the Law of Grace, you are more able to receive merciful rectification for transgressions that are committed in ignorance than for actions you know to be harmful. Did not Jesua ben Josef say 'Forgive them for they know not what they do"?

And so 'sin' in your biblical terms is the commission of an act you know to be wrong. Your Edgar Cayce beautifully defined 'sin' as 'Knowledge not utilized'. We ask you to add to your knowledge the fact that hatred is wrong in any circumstance So what we tell you is that hatred is mutually destructive, but even more devastating to the one that hates than to the one that is hated. Although in most situations both parties of an egregious hatred hostility spiral downward to become equal generators and thus victims of hate.

The energy involved in the emotion of hate is much more destructive and far reaching than many of you realize. Its effects are akin to a growing malignancy, because hate is in fact quite toxic to body, mind and spirit. Hate and fear are the same resonance, and both, if focally dwelt upon, will absolutely weaken the body, distort the mind and open your field into 'dis-ease'.

So in this channel, we are emphasizing the issue of negativity because it is essential that you be clear in your understanding that by dwelling upon destructive forces you draw more negativity to you. And as such not only months and years can be tainted; entire lifetimes can be unnecessarily wasted.

No soul ever incarnates with a plan to include hatred. Yet hatred will draw you to those whom you hate in order to resolve the conflict. For hatred will follow you year by year, lifetime after lifetime until you eventually learn that it is hate itself that is the enemy. Laws and Balance. There are Laws pertaining to growth in duality. Cause and Effect is an absolute truth of duality.

It is not malleable, forgiven only in grace and oft experienced in what you may term as the school of 'hard-knocks' but is quite unbending whether in the 'hidden' corridors of mind or in the external visible planes of 3d.

Thoughts are things. And where you dwell in thought, you will soon experience. You will draw to yourself that which you fear, and that which you hate. Hatred will attach you to those whom you hate with absolute certainty until the hatred eventually evolves into love. Those who act unjustly to another often come back to balance the soul. Karma is not a debt, rather the seeking of balance Your civil rights movement in the United States contained many former slave owners.

Your Native American reservations contain many reincarnated gold miners. That is why so many casinos are on Native land, gold miners attempting to bring back the gold they took away And though this may surprise some of you, many Germanic people have reincarnated into Israel in post World War ll.

All to seek the balance. You must understand that no soul is ever without retribution for misactions in the purposed illusion and dramatic lessoning of the Earth. No soul is eternally condemned, no soul is left behind, no matter how heinous the act. Rectification is available to every soul. All of you will at one juncture or another make grave mis-actions in your sojourns, and the path allows for all to right that was wrong in the manner that allows them to understand the error.

We tell you again, all injustice, all that you term sin, is against the Self, in higher aspect. Of hatred, greed, injustice, we tell you that every whit will be met and faced But no soul is beyond forgiveness, just as each soul must forgive those that trespass against them.

When you hate those that offend, you become ingrained with the very energy that attacked. All in duality will experience both the creative benevolent force of the positive aspect, and the destructive force of negativity. How you react in negative situations will determine to no small degree how you move forward. Rather is Mastery achieved by continued discipline and effort in 'right thinking followed by right action. Radical zealotry, self-aggrandizement and self-righteousness are also imbalances that distort ones thinking Persons who hate will always believe themselves to be fully justified, and do not consider themselves as erroneous in that feeling.

The hatred is hidden behind a skewed sense of misaligned reasoning of right. It is an interesting truth that the self-righteous find it easier to forgive someone for being wrong, than to forgive someone who is right. A human never hates anything or anyone that he or she believes to be worthy or meritorious.

One who hates thinks they are being 'right' therefore, in their reaction of hatred, but the hatred itself forms a very strong attachment to the 'hater'. Hatred becomes a living 'negative thought form' that stakes an energetic claim to you and will follow you, taking influential possession of your thoughts if allowed to amplify and attach unchecked.

It will be a destructive malicious force, which you helped create. It will stay until you eventually learn that the hatred vibration itself is the enemy, is the real culprit and destroyer. Two Types of Anger. When one is unjustifiably attacked, violated, insulted or demeaned, the natural response is to react in anger. But it is the manner and depth of the anger reaction that determines the effect. Before we go further, we will also add the caveat that hate is different from anger. This differentiation will be discussed herewith.

So be aware that there is a very important difference between anger and hate. Anger is not always necessarily imbued with hatred. Yet in your language there is not a word that differentiates a natural response that is a spontaneous reaction to a disagreement that is more conciliatory from one that is a toxic exacerbating counter attack. What we tell you is that there are two vibrational forms of that you terms as anger.

The latter is ever the wrong path, but it too will eventually lead home, but only after a futile often brutal lesson in experiencing the devastating energy of hatred. In time all hate will evolve into love.

Now, the nuances are complex Many in spiritual paths erroneously believe that anger is always negative, and they suppress it, sweep it under the rug.

In truth anger can be a natural reaction to what is considered to be inappropriate or violating of one's integrity. But it must be expressed in a vibration that allows for rectification, as opposed to a nasty 'one-upmanship' counterattack. And that is an essential key.

Anger when expressed in a natural honest reiteration can be ultimately positive. It can be a clear expression of communication that serves to better identify the appropriate boundaries of interaction and relationships. It can open the door to rectification, that otherwise may build and fester if left unexpressed. It allows the opportunity for both sides to reconsider their actions. We speak herein in generalized terms, for the situation may not always be clearly defined, or simplistic.

Once both sides of a conflictory issue disintegrate into hatred, it no longer matters which party 'started' the problem, for both are now generators of destructivity. Both sides have dug a pit of entrapment In truth hatred will eventually and inevitably lead back to love, but it is the long and arduous path, rife with pain and pitfalls. What we ask you to take from this is the vibration of your individual reactions.

Do you understand? Nuances of Honest Expression. All of you will in the duality planes feel the rise of the full array of emotions. The wise learn to take a moment and consider the situation, rather than responding without consideration.


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