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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Eaton E. Greenlee is a registered trademark of Greenlee Textron. Modbus is a registered trademark of Schneider Automation. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment. Page 8 Limited Factory Warranty Page 9: Introduction During brownouts, blackouts, and other power interruptions, batteries provide emergency power to safeguard operation.

With the Eaton UPS, you can safely eliminate the effects of electrical line disturbances and guard the integrity of your systems and equipment. The UPS filters and regulates incoming AC power and provides consistent power to your equipment without draining the battery. Page 11 UPS from virtually any location within the facility. You can install multiple RMPs at remote locations to increase your monitoring capabilities.

Page 12 Introduction This page intentionally left blank. Page Safety Warnings Keep unauthorized personnel away from batteries. Proper disposal of batteries is required.

Refer to your local codes for disposal requirements. Never dispose of batteries in a fire. Batteries may explode when exposed to flame. Ne jamais jeter les batteries au feu. L'exposition aux flammes risque de les faire exploser. Consulte las normas locales para conocer los requisitos pertinentes. Page 16 Safety Warnings This page intentionally left blank. To replace the door: Insert the door notches into the slots on the bottom of the cabinet.

Secure the door latches. Figure 2. Page Ebc Front Door Lift the door up and off the cabinet. To replace the door: Place the door on the bottom hooks of the EBC. Replace the two door screws. Figure 3. Page Unloading The Cabinet S Be sure to retain the rear shipping bracket and hardware for later re-assembly if you plan to permanently mount the cabinet.

M10 Bolts M8 Screws Figure 4. Page 21 Remove the three M10 bolts securing the rear shipping pad to the pallet and remove the shipping pad see Figure 5. M10 Bolts Shipping Pad Figure 5. Page 22 Remove the two M10 bolts securing the front shipping bracket to the pallet and remove the bracket. M10 Bolts M8 Screws Figure 6. Page 23 Slowly roll the cabinet toward the rear of the pallet. Once the pallet tilts, continue rolling the cabinet down the pallet until the cabinet touches the floor see Figure 8.

Figure 8. Page 24 Roll the cabinet to the desired location. Install three bushings supplied in the circular knockouts of the adjacent cabinet.

Page 26 Install the other ground strap between the front panels of the adjacent cabinets as shown in Figure Repeat Steps 11 through 13 for each cabinet. Replace the front door of all cabinets. Page 28 Joining the Cabinets This page intentionally left blank. Page Electrical Installation To accommodate the feature of easy system expandability, it is recommended that initial installation of the Eaton UPS contain wiring to support the maximum capacity of the UPS cabinet.

Switch off utility power to the distribution point where the UPS or Options Cabinet will be connected. Be absolutely sure there is no power. Replace the UPS front door see page Figure Page 34 Reinstall the UPS wiring access cover.

Reinstall the UPS conduit landing box in the reversed position see Figure 14 on page Reinstall the UPS connections insulator. Replace both Options Cabinet front doors see page Page Wiring Specifications And Diagrams Cabinet with an input isolation transformer, the input neutral is supplied by the input isolation transformer.

Page 44 The two input neutral terminals are jumpered together; use either one of these terminals to make the input neutral connection.

Note: The two output neutral terminals are jumpered together; use either one of these terminals to make the output neutral connection. Page 45 Electrical Installation Figure Page 46 Electrical Installation Figure Page 47 Electrical Installation Figure Page 48 Electrical Installation Figure Page 49 Electrical Installation Figure Page 50 Electrical Installation Figure Page 51 Electrical Installation Figure Page 52 Electrical Installation Figure Page 58 Permanent Mounting Installation Figure Page Installing Communication Options And Control Terminals Route the control terminal cable s through the middle of the fan section and secure in the cable clips.

Reinstall the communication wiring access plate. Replace the UPS front door. X-Slot cards allow the UPS to communicate in a variety of networking environments and with different types of devices. Figure 43 shows the enclosure dimensions and cable exit openings. See Figure 44 and Figure 45 for plug-in terminal block locations. If there is a power outage and the Eaton UPS battery power becomes low, LanSafe software can automatically shut down your computer system to protect your data before the UPS shutdown occurs.

Page Remote Emergency Power-Off The pins must be shorted with maximum resistance of 10 ohm to activate the specific input. Note: See Figure 46 on page 60 for the polarity and verify these connections if polarity control is required. Page 70 If active, the UPS knows that input is fed from the generator. Bypass is disabled; the automatic battery test is disabled. External Transformer Overtemperature This option is not used.

Page Parallel Communication Remove the communication wiring access plate from the UPS rear panel and punch a hole in it using a Greenlee punch or similar device see Figure Install conduit for the communication wiring. Communication Wiring Access Plate Figure Page 72 Route the wiring through the conduit from the communication wiring access plate to the opening between the two X-Slot communication bays on each UPS see Figure Page 73 Route the pull-chain wiring through the middle of the fan section and secure in the cable clips for each UPS see Figure Reinstall the communication wiring access plate on each UPS.

Page 76 Parallel Communication This page intentionally left blank. It provides useful information about the UPS itself, load status, events, measurements, and settings see Figure Page Initial Startup Disabled after initial startup Initial Startup Startup and operational checks must be performed by an authorized Eaton Customer Service Engineer, or the warranty terms as specified on page 89 become void. This service is offered as part of the sales contract for the UPS.

The load is now powered by utility power. Switch off utility power where the UPS is connected. This section describes shutting down and restarting UPSs in a parallel system. Parallel System Shutdown To remove power to the parallel UPS system output: Press any button on the front panel display to activate the menu options. Each UPS should be in Normal mode. Press the button until the Eaton logo or Mimic screen appears. Page 86 Operation This page intentionally left blank.

Page Ups Maintenance Change the batteries approximately every five years.


Eaton 9355 Installation And Operation Manual


DIN EN 13306 PDF

Eaton 9355 KA1511100000010 User Manual


DIN 4094-1 PDF




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