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I'm reading this book now, so I'm glad to read your review. Like you, I found the beginning a little slow, but the story has picked up and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. There are many delightful aspects. It's very different from Jessica Day George's Princess of the Midnight Ball, which was also a retelling of the twelve dancing princesses story. I'm a sucker for a good fairy tale retelling. The more the merrier I always say. LinWash — I read George's a few years ago and enjoyed it, but it is very different.

I actually preferred Entwined. I believe I have this one to read already! I'm looking forward to getting to it despite the few slow parts. Written by: Kimberly Francisco on June 29, The king grieves for his dead wife but leaves his twelve daughters to their own devices, his only real interaction with them occurring when he institutes a mandatory period of mourning, to last an entire year.

For that year, the girls are not allowed to go outside, they must wear black, they must cover all mirrors, and they are not allowed to dance. This last requirement is the worst, since dancing is one of their true joys and something they shared with their mother. But the Keeper is more malevolent than he seems, and he has plans for the girls, for the king, and for the kingdom in which they live.

Making each of these characters distinct from one another without resorting to cliches has got to be a monumental challenge, and authors have attempted it with varying levels of success. Azalea is clearly our protagonist, but there are two nice subplots involving the next two eldest princesses.

Putting myself in the shoes of the author, though, it makes me slightly panicky thinking about how to make twelve characters three-dimensional in a single debut novel. One thing I really enjoyed about Entwined was the description of the dances. Of course, there were a couple of sticking points. First and foremost: the story dragged in the first pages or so.

Once I was past those first pages, though, I was hooked. There were a few other small things that niggled at me, but all in all, Entwined is a good addition to the long list of these types of stories. Comments I'm reading this book now, so I'm glad to read your review.


Entwined by Heather Dixon

Entwined is a novel written by Heather Dixon. Entwined tells the story of Princess Azalea and her eleven younger sisters, and the magic they discover while mourning the death of their mother. Azalea, the Princess Royale, is tasked with hosting the annual Yuletide ball the royal family holds on Christmas Eve. The Queen, who is heavily pregnant and ill, summons Azalea to her room to give her a silver handkerchief and make her swear on it to take care of her sisters. At the ball, Azalea meets a young Lord Bradford and quickly warms up to him. Her ten sisters, who are all too young to attend, sneak in and watch the event, a sisterly tradition. The ball is abruptly ended by Prime Minister Fairweller, without explanation, and the girls are sent to their room.


Review: Entwined by Heather Dixon

Bottom Line : Entwined is a fairy-tale romance for teens that deftly makes profound points about relationships, love and marriage. The royal family of Eathesbury is rich in girls, but not much else. Just when the three oldest are eligible for gentlemen callers, and Azalea herself, as Princess Royale, should be looking for a consort-to-be, everybody is swathed in black and not allowed to dance, which is the thing they love best. As did their mother. Then they discover a secret passage to an underground forest, leading to a magic pavilion where a mysterious gentleman called the Keeper presides. Dark, tall, and devastatingly handsome, he invites them to return every night and dance their cares away.


Come and mend your broken hearts here. All of it. And Azalea is trapped. The Keeper understands. So he extends an invitation.


I've been meaning to pick up a copy of Entwined but now I'm even more interested after reading your review. The alphabetical character naming sounds really neat :. I absolutely can't wait to read this one! Thank you SO much Tithe was freaking amazing!!!! I am really looking forward to reading Entwined!

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