It was founded by Ramnath Goenka. Started on 4 November with one edition in Bengaluru, today this newspaper, headquartered in Bengaluru is spread across the state with 5 other publication centers viz. Ravi Hegde took charge as Editor in Chief in January Kannadaprabha gained its credibility under his editorship.

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Kannada Prabha

The publication has been a pioneer in the field of Kannada journalism for the past half a decade. Kannada Prabha, is one amongst the oldest serving and most trusted Kannada dailies in Karnataka. Kannada Prabha was founded in by Gandhian freedom fighter, Ramnath Goenka, who was also a politician, businessman and a media mogul. It has inherited the ideals of its founder and has been practising straight, bold and relentless journalism, since its first issue on the 4th November, It also played an active role in Indian Express' campaign against Ms. Under the editorship of Khadri Shamanna, Kannada Prabha published sharp and bold editorials against Indira Gandhi's 'dictatorship'. Its fearless reports and accurate analysis were, and still are adored by readers.


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