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ProSoundWeb Community. Please login or register. It's not a current model so I figured a few of you would be familiar with them. I know one guy who has a pair and really likes them.

I won't buy without listening and comparing, and I will hear them before I decide for sure, but until then Good and bad. Drew Curtis Sr. Member Offline Posts: It depends on what you're using it for. For a single 15 cabinet, it is pretty large, and it only has a 1 inch exit on the horn.

If you're looking for high output, the horn might seem a little harsh. Geir Tystad Newbie Offline Posts: I have 4 of them, and are wery happy. Used them outdoors at well. Or am i wrong??? Hobby: destruction of bad sound The one person I know that has the T's says they have smooth midrange, thus my interest in them. Usually when someone states '2" driver', they're talking about the exit, not the diaphragm size.

If that were the case, large format EV drivers would be called 3" drivers and large format JBL drivers would be called 4" drivers, but they're not. That being said, the DH2T is a 1" driver that featured a cleverly marketed scheme by EV to pass it off as a 2" driver. I agree with Drew, the QRX series is slightly better, with a 3" diaphragm driver, paint instead of carpet, and standard flyware.

We had 2 of each per side 4 boxes of each total in a person club. The system always got exceedingly loud and really pounded. I think it was the best sounding club in the area at the time depending on who was mixing. This is all of little consequence since it isn't telling you what you asked.

Overall, I was impressed with how well these loudspeakers put up with the beatings they were given 3 nights a week, every week, during the school year yes, it was in a college town. I am certain that there are better sounding loudspeakers out there, but if you can get a reasonable deal on these, AND they are the right tool for your job, I'd probably snap them up with the realization that bi-amping them and doing some serious DSP alignment would be in order to really make them sound acceptable.

They are basically a club sized big, loud rock and roll box. Definitely no arena tour box, or something to use for those corporate gigs where image is everything unless they have a scrim to hide your loudspeakers. But, for the basic club affair with a bunch of people who want to hear the band, they are just right.

Oh yes, one other thing about these boxes The stack is just the right height to play to crowds as a ground stacked system with no risers. This is the thing that drives me bat-shit loony about many other systems that require a riser or poles in between the sub and top or something along those lines.

Then, maybe, one strong guy could do it. So, as usual, YMMV. Good luck and have fun out there! All EV T-series I have used have been good boxes. In general, they have "better" EV components inside "cheaper" fuzzy boxes. The T uses the DH2T 1" driver.

I have the option to buy 4 of the 's btw I'm powering with a PLX Not saying they are bad cabs. As described above, if you just need something that will get loud, and do it cost effectively without sounding terrible, they might do the job for you. Drew Curtis wrote on Mon, 16 April So why would you use them only for metal which fo me is one of the most challenging genre to mix because it's hard to give everything it's own space and what other speakers that you have heard would you prefer, and why.


EV T251+ Speakers with Covers - Pair

Parts appearance may vary from the original component depending on the manufacturer the vendor uses. Please be aware that we cannot be responsible for damages because of installation of an incorrect part. Unopened, uninstalled parts can be returned within 30 days. To be the first to review this item, click here.


Electro-Voice T251 Brochure & Specs

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ProSoundWeb Community

Forgot your password? They were powered by 2 bridged RMX 's W 4 ohms. I must admit, I was thoroughly impressed by their sound quality. I was wondering if anyone else had used these speakers and what your opinion of them is. No experience with the T's, but we use the T monitors with our smaller systems. They sound great.

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