It is a highly integrated system, built for sustainable dialysis — today and in the future. Fresenius Medical Care's commitment to continuous improvement and development of new dialysis. Dialysis Machines. Machine in Dialysis.

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Wireless Wetness Dete ctor for Patients. The Wireless Wetness D etector is a disposable de vi ce that monitors for leaks. It transmits radio. When the Wireless W etness Detector option has be en set, a gray Drop icon will be displayed in.

The detector is not activated until the icon is green. Proceed with typical treatment setup as explained in Chapter 2 of the K. Use these instructions befo re starting the Tx Clock to activate the.

Wireless Wetness De tector. Fresenius Medical Care. Keep access s ites uncovered and mo nitored. Machin e alarms do not. Do not touch non-sterile objects to the Wireless Wetness Detector. Figure 1 — Create Wetnes s Signal. Deleted: a rag. The Wireless Wetness Dete ctor will send a w etness signal to the ma chine. Figure 2 — Home screen: Wetness Detected 1. Press the 1 key to learn the Wireless Wetness Detector and clear the alarm. Drop icon in the Di alog ue Box will turn green.

Place the detector on the access site bandag e and secure it in place with another. The Wireless Wetness Detector wi ll continue to transmit signals to the. Warn ing! Place the detector below the access site on top of no more than two. Failure to do so may allow a blood leak to go undetected.

Undetected blood leaks can cause serious injury or death. The treat ment will. If the 0 key is then pressed, its audible alar m will be deactivate d.

The Drop icon. Detector must be r eplace d. Note : Pres sing the New Tx key and selecting a new treatment, changing the. Blood Sensed status, or running a rins e program will clear Wireless Wetness. If any of those occur, Wireless. Wetness Detector 1 must be relearned as explained above.

Using additional Wi reless Wetness Detec tors. Up to three Wireless Wetness Detector s may be linked to one machin e. Wetness Detectors 2 and 3 must be set in Service Mode and are not patient-. Wireless Wetness De tectors. Set the Wireless Wetness toggle-button, locat ed in the. Wireless Wetness Detectors 2 and 3 are lear ned only in Service Mode. They are. To set. When directed by the Status. Bar, touch the metal p attern on the bottom of th e detector an d then release it when.

Detector will no longer be linked to the machine. When Wireless Wetness Det ectors 2 and 3 sense wetn ess during treatment, they act. That W ireless Wetness Detector must then be relearn ed in Service. Wireless Wetness Detector Care.

Wireless Wetness Detectors in contact with p atients o r fluids should be cleaned after. They can be cleane d with very dilute bleach or other suitable. Freshly prepared d ilute bleach solution is cu rrently. Hepatitis virus. Because surface contamin ation is the general mo de of transmission.

Formatted: Heading 3. General Warnings. Operati on is subject to the. This equipment has been tested and found to co mply with the li mits for a Class B. These limits are designed to.

This equi pme nt ge nerates , use s a nd can ra diate radio frequency energy and, if not. However, there is no guarantee that interferen ce will not.

If this equipment does c ause harmfu l interfer ence to. Caution : Changing or modifying the Wirele ss Wetness Detector without the. Formatted: Indent: Left: 0. Formatted: Bullets and Numbering.

Aligned at: 0. Formatted: Font: Not Bold. Navigation menu Upload a User Manual.


Fresenius Medical Care 2008K Operator's Manual

Quick Links. See also: Troubleshooting Manual , Operator's Manual. Table of Contents. Troubleshooting Alarms and Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Hemodialysis system. The contents of this document may not be disclosed to third parties, copied, or duplicated in any form, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of Fresenius Medical Care.


Fresenius 2008k Dialysis Machine Manual



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