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Quick Links. Reference Manual for the. Table of Contents. Prosafe wireless-n 8-port gigabit vpn firewall pages. NETGEAR does not assume any liability that may occur due to the use or application of the product s or circuit layout s described herein.

A direct connection to the Internet and a Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape are required. Page 4 M Page 9 Related Documents B-9 Domain Name Server B Internet Security and Firewalls B What is a Firewall?

B Stateful Packet Inspection B Denial of Service Attack B Ethernet Cabling B Category 5 Cable Quality B Inside Twisted Pair Cables D Testing and Troubleshooting D Additional Reading Page 12 Contents M Page About This Manual This reference manual assumes that the reader has basic to intermediate computer and Internet skills. However, basic computer network, Internet, firewall, and VPN technologies tutorial information is provided in the Appendices and on the Netgear website.

Typographical conventions italics Emphasis. The notation [Enter] is used for the Enter key and the Return key. Using this button when a step-by-step procedure is displayed will send the entire procedure to your printer--you do not have to worry about specifying the correct range of pages.

Use the Print button on the upper right of the toolbar to print the currently displayed topic. It is compatible with many other VPN products. That port will then configure itself to the correct configuration. Keep the carton, including the original packing materials, in case you need to return the product for repair.

TEST The system is initializing. The system is ready and running. What You Will Need Before You Begin You need to prepare these three things before you can connect your firewall to the Internet: A computer properly connected to the firewall as explained below. Note: The Resource CD included with your firewall contains an animated Installation Assistant to help you through this procedure.

Page Wizard-Detected Dynamic Ip Option If you enter an address here, after you finish configuring the firewall, reboot your PCs so that the settings take effect. Click on Apply to save your settings. Click on the Test button to test your Internet connection. Click on Apply to save the settings. If your Internet connection does not require a login, click No at the top of the Basic Settings menu and fill in the settings according to the instructions below.

Select your Internet service provider from the drop-down list. Page Protecting Your Network Note: The user name and password are not the same as any user name or password your may use to log in to your Internet connection. The ideal password should contain no dictionary words from any language, and should be a mixture of both upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. Figure Set Password menu To change the password, first enter the old password, and then enter the new password twice.

Click Apply to save your changes. The FVS allows you to control access to Internet content by screening for keywords within Web addresses. To delete a keyword or domain, select it from the list, click Delete Keyword, then click Apply. You may specify one Trusted User, which is a PC that will be exempt from blocking and logging. Modify the menu shown below for defining or editing a service. This name will appear in the drop-down list services to be allowed or blocked in the Add Block Service menu as seen in Figure above.

In order to localize the time for your log entries, you must select your Time Zone from the list. This setting will be used for the blocking schedule according to your local time zone and for time-stamping log entries. Check the Daylight Savings Time box if your time zone is currently in daylight savings time. Instead of discarding this traffic, you can have it forwarded to one computer on your network. Click Delete or Edit. Click Apply. For example, if you've already configured one computer to play Hexen II using port , the second computer's port number would be , and the third computer would be You must then open a new connection to the new IP address and log in again.

However, if your Internet account uses a dynamically assigned IP address, you will not know in advance what your IP address will be, and the address can change frequently. For example, for oray. Select the Use a dynamic DNS service radio button for the service you are using. A default route was created with your ISP as the gateway, and a second static route was created to your local network for all This is for identification purpose only.

Page Virtual Private Networking Secure access between networks, such as a branch or home office and a main office. Rather, you manually enter all the authentication and key parameters. You have more control over the process however the process is much more complex and there are more opportunities for errors or configuration mismatches between you FVS and the corresponding VPN endpoint gateway or client workstation.

Each tunnel should have a unique name. Key Life The default is seconds one hour. Table Page Planning A Vpn These topics are discussed below. When you set up a VPN, it is helpful to plan the network configuration and record the configuration parameters on a worksheet. The worksheet below shows the settings for this example. This procedure uses the settings in the configuration worksheet above. A blank worksheet you My Identity and Security Policy subheadings appear below the connection name.

Then select Proposal 1 below Authentication. Check the VPN Connection. The SafeNet client will report the results of the attempt to connect. Follow the steps to configure Manual Keying. When editing an entry in the VPN Settings menu table, you may select manual keying. Network Management Information The FVS provides a variety of status and usage information which is discussed below.

From the Main Menu of the browser interface, under Maintenance, select Router Status to view the status screen, shown in Figure Router Statistics screen This screen shows the following statistics:. Router Statistics Fields Field Description From the Main Menu of the browser interface, under the Maintenance heading, select Attached Devices to view the table, shown in Figure Figure Attached Devices menu If you enabled content filtering in the Block Sites menu, the Logs page shows you when someone on your network tried to access a blocked site.

Description or The type of event and what action was taken if any. You may be able to find this information in the configuration menu of your e-mail program. Figure Settings Backup menu Click Backup to save a copy of the current settings.

Store the file on a computer on your network. This can be done by using the Erase function. To erase the configuration, from the Maintenance menu Settings Backup link, click the Erase button on the screen. Note: Be sure to change the router's default password to a very secure password. The ideal password should contain no dictionary words from any language, and should be a mixture of letters both upper and lower case , numbers, and symbols.

If the upgrade file is compressed. ZIP file , you must first extract the binary. BIN or. IMG file before uploading it to the firewall. For the common problems listed, go to the section indicated.

If the error persists, you have a hardware problem and should contact technical support. If the path is functioning correctly, replies as in the previous section are displayed. If you do not receive replies: —


Netgear FVS318 User Manual



NETGEAR FVS318 Installation Manual


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