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Molimo prijavite se ili napravite svoj profil! Proizvoda u bazi. Pisac: Noel Malcolm. Pan Books. Dostavljamo i u Njema? Proizvoda u bazi Grupe proizvoda. Izreke, Citati. Baze podataka.

Obrada teksta. Operativni sis. Epska fantastika. Uradi sam. Paranormalne pojave. Popularna medicina. Zdravlje djeteta. Njega, higijena. Alternativna medicina.

Odgoj djeteta. Ljekovito bilje. CD izdanja. Strani jezici. Za turiste. Kreativna igra. Istorija umjetnosti. Daleki istok. Istorija religije. Drevne religije. Egipatska religija. BiH teme. Rat Istorija BiH. Bosanski jezik. Popularna nauka. Igre za PC. Kreativne igre. Za djecu. Primjenjene nauke. Prirodne nauke. Bosnia: A Short History. Kliknite dva puta da vidite sliku u normalnoj rezoluciji. Noel Malcolm Pisac: Noel Malcolm.

This book attempts, through rigorous academic research, to provide a fluent narrative of the many sub-stories of Bosnian history from Roman times to the destruction of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina as manifested in the Vance-Owen Plan. The weakness of this book lies in its tendency to review sources that are heavily linked to the creation of national ideology of the many regimes within the region without necessarily exploring the role that the historians themselves played in the formulisation of the respective policies of states.

In doing so Malcolm has taken the official Bosnian Muslim stance, ie, of the President of Bosnia Herecgovinia Dr Alija Izetbegovic, which tends to brush aside Catholic identification with Croatia and Orthodox with Serbia as a by-product of the nineteenth century consolidation of national movement programmes through the respective churches of these lands.

Hence suggesting that such identities were not previously felt in the region prior to the birth of the 19th century romantic movement. A contentious notion, in deed.

Whilst it is true that in Western Bosnia up until the reincorporation of the Krajina into Civil Croatia and in Sarajevo, and the lands to its East, that many Orthodox and Catholic Christians respectively did not see themselves as Serbs or Croats; it is not true of those Orthodox and Catholic populations massed on the Eastern and Northern, as well as south western, frontiers of administrative Bosnia and Herzegovina respectively.

These communities could be argued to be extensions of organic communities crossing created administrative boundaries, rather than vice versa.

This is due in the main to demographic pressures which are a natural consequence of war, invasion and economic necessity. As such their own tendencies to look towards Belgrade or Zagreb, rather than Sarajevo, is a continuation of cultural and political exchanges that have their roots in the Middle-Ages.

A consequence of this there exists a tendency to negate the feelings of these communities as somewhat illegitimate, and skirt around the fringes of the innate cyclical enmity between competing national ideologies of conflicting national movements which has thankfully been rectified in his superb second book in the series Kosovo A Short History.

Consequently, the role of prominent Moslems in the development of both Serb and Croat nationalist movements prior to have not been dealt with as serious contributions to both movements birth pangs, rather as political anomalies that were considered as necessity in achieving the eventual goal of an autonomous or independent Bosnian state.

Overall, this book is well worth reading Pero Ercegovac. Tagovi Proizvoda Dodaj Svoje oznake:. Bosna kratka povijest Noel Malcolm. Kosovo kratka Noel Malcolm. Povijest Bosne - kratki pregled Noel Malcolm. Moja korpa. Nemate proizvoda u svojoj Korpi. Prijavi se za Newsletter. Gospodarica igre Sidney Sheldon, Tilly Bagshawe



Molimo prijavite se ili napravite svoj profil! Proizvoda u bazi. Pisac: Noel Malcolm. Pan Books.


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