This event has ended. Please contact organizer for more details. Report Issues. The song used in was actually composed for the play Astronaut-er Thikana and it is also the theme song of the play. We will have a double bill by the Children's Ensemble, Nandikar. The play Juta Abishkar will be followed by the play Astronaut-er Thikana.

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Harish Trivedi, "Translating Culture vs. Cultural Translation". Mohamed Magani: "Writing in the Mirror of a River". Current About Contact Links. Glossary to "Open Poem". Kirtonkhola River in Barisal division, also called "Arial Khan" Padma The river Ganga, or Ganges, as it flows through Bangladesh; also a woman's name literally, "lotus". Kapila Ancient sage-philosopher, fifth incarnation of Vishnu, who in the Bhaghava Gita says, "among cows, I am the celestial cow"; in context, the cow of plenty.

Chand Saodagar Merchant of Champaknagar who offends the snake goddess, Manasa; in revenge, she sends a snake to kill his son, Lakhindar, on his wedding night. Lakhindar's bride, Behula, sets out with his corpse on a raft for the god's dwelling place to plead for her husband's life.

Mahua, a snakecharmer, and Nodya Nader Chand , a zamindar's son Star-crossed lovers in a Bengali folktale. Habuchandra and Gobuchandra Rajah and his minister in Rabindranath Tagore's children's poem "Juta Abishkar" Invention of Shoes : "If you don't wear shoes, you have to cover the whole world to protect your feet.

Bagha Jatin Jatindra Nath Mukherjee , anti-British revolutionary; he is said to have once killed a tiger bagh without any weapons.

Munir Choudhury or Munier Chowdury and Shahidullah Kaiser Writers who were jailed for protests during the Language Movement, which sought recognition of Bengali as a state language of Pakistan. On the twenty-first of February , protestors on the campus of Dhaka University were killed by police bullets. Munir Choudhury and Shahidullah Kaiser were among the Bengali intellectuals taken from their homes and killed at the end of Bangladesh's war for independence in Regular Nouns batabi Pomelo large grapefruit , a late monsoon fruit.

Alias Taib Three Poems by T. Alias Taib dies". About Favorite Links. ISBN u


A Season of Bangla Drama - Juta Abishkar: The Invention of Shoes

He dons many hats. An avid traveller himself, Shome has sought out naive artists—artisans with no formal training and who do not believe in going by the book or traditional academic rigour. Serbian artist Mebgzaod Kalja makes appearances, as do Indian artists of Dhokra sculptures, painted wood sculptures from Bengal and Jamini Roy reproductions. Why, he juggles his art with his duties as an advisor to the FM! Calcutta theatre Proscenium For Good Souls.


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Juta Abiskar | জুটা আবিষ্কার


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