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This manual was first released to the Baltimore Sun in with heavy redactions, and received considerable coverage at the time. In subsequent years, the manual was cited as a harbinger if not model of U. How did I get the CIA to turn over its new declassification of a famous torture document?

The quick release of the new material is a signal lesson in the value of using, when appropriate, the MDR request. While some sections of this year-old document remain censored, new revelations - all of which were previously censored and unknown - include:.

While there is no portion of the document that speaks specifically about rendition, several portions address having to use foreign intelligence services as liaison on interrogation, and on the limited amount of detention time the CIA had when holding prisoners in other countries. The main defector reception center in Oberursel, near Frankfurt, West Germany.

I believe the latest version of this important document significantly adds to our historical understanding of CIA activities in the Cold War, and puts the lie to the idea that CIA rendition or the use of foreign agencies as a front for interrogation was something that began in the George W.

Bush or Clinton administrations. For example, the new material demonstrates the CIA has had a long-term interest in the use of foreign services in interrogations, and that such interrogations could be controversial if exposed and needed to be monitored closely. Read the full manual embedded below, or on the request page :. Email Icon resembling an envelope.


U.S. Army and CIA interrogation manuals

The s appear to have been a time when the CIA put a tremendous amount of energy into perfecting the science of torture. It used electrical currents to inflict pain [source: The Boston Globe ]. The agency conducted trials investigating the effects of sensory deprivation [source: The Washington Post ]. The CIA found that the best methods for extracting information from detainees come not through the infliction of physical pain or torture, but through psychological torture.

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Is there a torture manual?

The U. Army and CIA interrogation manuals are seven controversial military training manuals which were declassified by the Pentagon in The manuals in question have been referred to by various media sources as the "torture manuals". These manuals were prepared by the U. Some of the material was similar to the older CIA manuals described below. The Pentagon press release accompanying the release stated that a investigation into the manuals concluded that "two dozen short passages in six of the manuals, which total pages, contained material that either was not or could be interpreted not to be consistent with U. The Latin America Working Group criticized this: "The unstated aim of the manuals is to train Latin American militaries to identify and suppress anti-government movements.

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