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We already covered the Honda MSX monkey bike when it debuted at the start of this year , and at the time we knew that the tiny street-terror would be a world market machine. Confirming our hopes at the time of its launch, Honda Motor Corp. Fuel-injected, lbs at the curb when topped-off with its 1. Use for comparison purposes only. Your actual mileage will vary depending on how you ride and maintain your vehicle, weather, road conditions, tire pressure, cargo and accessories, rider and passenger weight, and other factors.

Talking to MotoGP. Discussing the features that will, and will not, come on the Honda RC production racer, the most notable differences between the bike and the Honda RCV are the lack of pneumatic valves and a seamless-shift gearbox.

The prior guarantees that the production racer will be short on revs compared to its prototype counterpart, while the latter suggests a tenth of a second or two in slower lap times are certain tracks. Per the CRT rules, the production racer will have 24 liters of fuel, which could help the bike achieve similar power figures to the RCV, though that will depend on how much tuning HRC does to the machine.

In this regard, Nakamoto is perhaps unintentionally fueling the perception that Nissin and Showa are inferior products compared to their European counterparts — a perception that is shown in the component choices made by a vast majority of teams in motorcycle racing.

Once the Honda production racer hits the tarmac and begins testing, expect there to be much said about the fastest motorcycle money can buy. Source: MotoGP. While these privateers will have more competitive machinery than they have had in recent years, the factory team advantage remains alive and well in Grand Prix motorcycle racing, which in the current climate means only two or three teams have a shot at the Championship title at the end of the season.

HRC has set its sights on winning the Dakar Rally in and today unveiled a new motorcycle and 5-man dream team here at Mugello. The Dakar begins on January 5th, In addition to familiar territory in Argentina and Chile, the 6th South American Dakar will add stages in Bolivia and finish on January 18th in Valparaiso, Chile, after 8, kilometers of racing. And I have to say that the new bike looks fantastic.

I was also impressed with the determination showed by Nakamoto-san, Yamazaki-san, and Mr. In addition, his MD Racing team outfit, which prepares the Supersport and Superstock machinery, looks anything but an amateur effort. All this has surely helped Michael prepare for each race, but the biggest piece of the puzzle is the man himself. A legend of the sport, Joey is the winningest rider ever to race at the Isle of Man, and has 26 TT race wins to his name.

Unfortunately, Joey died while road racing in Estonia, losing control of his cc race bike in the wet conditions. He truly is a legend of our sport. Listen carefully as he narrates the course, you are listening to a true legend of the sport. Source: Silodrome. The first day of its three-day test at the Motorland Aragon circuit was an absolute washout, with torrential rain forcing the Honda riders to spend almost all day in the garages. Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez did not venture out on track.

Instead, Honda took the time to introduce the version of the RCV it is planning to test in Aragon. The bike is completely new, including a new engine and chassis, the engine ready to managed the reduced fuel allowance cut from 21 to 20 liters to be introduced at the request of the MSMA from next year.

The plan is that if Pedrosa and Marquez prefer the bike to their current machine, they could get the machine early, perhaps as early as the next race, at least as far as the chassis is concerned. Improved throttle connection at the bottom end and mid range had been important, Yokoyama told MCN. The weather forecast for the rest of the week is looking a little more promising, with a chance of rain on Wednesday but the prospect of a dry day on Thursday.

Suzuki and Yamaha have already arrived at the track, and will join the on track action — should there be any — from Wednesday. Below is the press release from HRC. Wet weather prevented the Repsol Honda Team from testing on the first day in Aragon. Instead, Team Technical Director Takeo Yokoyama took the opportunity to present the RCV prototype machine to the press that attended the event. Hopefully the weather will improve tomorrow so the team can begin work on their test programme.

It is a complete new bike, both in terms of engine and chassis. Our plan is to test it now in order to be able to do, eventually, some changes before the post-race test in Valencia in November. Jorge Lorenzo has won the last two MotoGP rounds in utterly dominating style. Though his win at Mugello was by a greater margin, the victory at Barcelona was one of the most impressive of his career.

Lorenzo had made only one mistake, the Spaniard said afterwards, and it was so small it did not even show up on the data. As he had done at Mugello, Lorenzo ensured that he won the drag race to the first corner, aggressively outbraking Dani Pedrosa to take the lead. It was the second race in a row which Lorenzo had led from the start and gone on to win the race. There is simply no one else in the world capable of riding a motorcycle for 25 laps at full speed as well as Jorge Lorenzo at the moment.

There has been no drama, no battles, no need to defend, and the only place Lorenzo has needed to attack has been off the line, an area perhaps aided by the new clutch Yamaha have been using for this year. Does Lorenzo not enjoy the battle, is he incapable of holding his own in a battle, or is it down to the bike? It is a question which is debated by fans around the world, with an answer apparently hard to give. The real explanation lies in the design approach which Honda and Yamaha have taken, and the way the bikes force their riders into a particular racing game plan.

For Yamaha, the focus has been on maneuverability and handling, as it always has. The goal is to make a bike that is as easy as possible to manage under all conditions. The Yamaha makes good power — top speed is only down a fraction on the Honda and Ducati — but horsepower is a secondary consideration. These two approaches also mean that Yamaha and Honda use the tires differently. The strength of the Yamaha is that it can carry a lot of corner speed for a long time, gaining time through the corners, and getting the maximum out of the edge grip of the Bridgestone tires.

The drive of the Hondas means that they use the fatter section of the tire, a centimeter or two inside the edge. The difference in approach is visible in riding styles, with Lorenzo smooth and flowing, while Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez hammer into the corner hard, get the bike stopped, turn it as quickly as possible, and then lever it up, so that they can get on the gas and start to accelerate.

The two different styles also mean that each bike can have an advantage at different circuits, depending on which tire Bridgestone have brought. If the tire has been built for edge grip, the Yamaha will do better; if the tire is aimed at providing drive, Honda benefits.

Though Bridgestone try to provide a tire which allows as broad a range of riding styles as possible, finding a perfect balance is hard at some circuits. In theory, maintaining a high corner speed is the fastest way around the track: any speed lost in braking has to be gained again in acceleration. Minimizing the speed lost means the bike can exit corners faster, and needs less horsepower and acceleration, placing less stress on engines and using less fuel.

With limited resources, however, Yamaha have spent more time focusing on handling and corner speed, and less time and money working on acceleration. There is nothing much wrong with the Yamaha engine, but when compared with that of the Honda, they are clearly outgunned.

With less power off the bottom end of the rev range, the Yamaha is at a disadvantage if forced to give up its corner speed. Where the Honda powers out of the corner, the Yamaha is simply not as quick. His problem, he explained, was that he kept getting stuck behind the Hondas, and that made it hard to ride the bike the way it needed to be ridden. Or a little bit after if you want to pass them or whatever. So you get lured in to what they do. The only way to avoid this, Crutchlow explained, was to get out in front at the start and lead from the beginning.

This is also the weakness of the Yamaha, and the reason the Hondas posed such a threat, Crutchlow said. Lorenzo only really has one way of winning. This does not mean that there is only one style which suits the Yamaha, however, Crutchlow explained.

And up to a certain point, we can go as fast as Lorenzo, so it can be ridden in a different way. This clash of design philosophies does not bode well for Yamaha in the long term. Three times he overshot the hairpin at the back straight, and three times, he was back with Jorge Lorenzo within a few turns.

While making up for mistakes is possible on the Honda, it is a much more difficult matter on the Yamaha: Valentino Rossi got into the first corner too hot at Qatar, and it took him many laps to start closing the gap again.

Though the Yamaha is still arguably capable of setting the fastest theoretical lap around the circuit, their reliance on corner speed means that Jorge Lorenzo needs to get into the first corner in the lead. If Dani Pedrosa or Marc Marquez can get ahead of him, it is very hard to retake the position. Lorenzo may be able to brake later, but if he does so, he will lose out on acceleration. Though Yamaha have worked hard to improve this area, it remains the weakest point of the bike compared to the Honda.

The Dutch TT at Assen looks like being a very busy few days for everyone looking for a ride next year. The end of June has been earmarked as a deadline for all sorts of negotiations, from rider contracts to bike projects. Decisions will be made and contracts — or at least letters of intent — will be signed. A lot of paperwork should get done by the time the trucks roll out of the paddock on Sunday, heading for Germany and the Sachsenring.

Though most of the prototype rides are already wrapped up, there are still a few seats open, and some interesting and major changes could be on the way. The focal point for the future, and the key to all of the moves for next year is Scott Redding. The young Briton has raised his game in , elevating himself to both the favorite for the Moto2 title, and hot property for MotoGP next season.

All three manufacturers would be keen to get their hands on him, with Ducati the current favorite to secure his services. Livio Suppo has shown a keen interest in the Marc VDS rider, and though all four Honda seats are currently taken, either Alvaro Bautista or Stefan Bradl could find themselves being elbowed out of a ride to make way for the Englishman.

Both Bautista and Bradl have contracts with HRC, but performance clauses could be invoked to move them aside. Redding was in the frame for the Gresini ride last year, and that would be the logical spot to put him for The risk Redding faces is that if he does go to Gresini to replace Bautista, he could find himself with the same conditions the Spaniard currently has, to serve as a test mule for Showa and Nissin.

The best option Redding has is with Ducati, however. Redding impressed the Italian factory in testing last year, when he was consistently faster than Andrea Iannone at the tests the two men attended. Redding came close to a deal to ride a Ducati for , but a series of miscommunications with Ducati management saw Redding and Marc VDS walk away from the deal. With the takeover of Ducati by Audi , top management at the Italian factory has changed, and the possibility has opened up again.

The most likely scenario appears to be that Marc VDS will take over at least one of the Pramac bikes, though running both of them also remains an option. Currently, Ducati foots the bill almost entirely for the Pramac operation, and the factory has been less than impressed with the way the team has been run.

Having Marc VDS run the team — and help pay some of the bills — would both ease the financial strain, and bring a staff of experienced MotoGP technicians in to run the team.


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Lotus bound? That is because the Enstone based team is facing up to the very real possibility lead driver Kimi Raikkonen will switch to Red Bull. We reported earlier that Frenchman Boullier, the Lotus team boss, is scheduled to sit down with Finn Raikkonen's management this week. In the meantime, German Hulkenberg is technically a free agent, because - while he will continue to race for Sauber in - the struggling Swiss team reportedly breached contract by failing to pay him in May and June. One thing the fans like is the garage access they have with IndyCar.


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In , he made his senior debuts, while on loan at lowly Deportes Ovalle , and appeared twice for the first-team in the following year. In , he joined Osorno , also on loan, where he was ever-present in the promotion campaign. Silva made his main squad debut on 22 January , starting in a 1—1 draw against United States at Home Depot Center. Silva was not initially named in Chile's Copa America squad but was added to the team due to an injury to Edson Puch. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Chilean footballer.


Francisco Silva


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