Serving as a true shop window for Parker Legris' knowledge and expertise, this new catalogue strives to provide the day-to-day support you need when designing your industrial equipment. This new edition has been written in an informative style and describes our entire range of products and services. We have developed the content, structure and layout to enable you to find the products and information you require as quickly as possible. Many new products have been introduced, widening the choice of solutions available in order to meet your requirements more effectively. For advice or more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Serving as a true shop window for Parker Legris' knowledge and expertise, this new catalogue strives to provide the day-to-day support you need when designing your industrial equipment.

This new edition has been written in an informative style and describes our entire range of products and services. We have developed the content, structure and layout to enable you to find the products and information you require as quickly as possible. Many new products have been introduced, widening the choice of solutions available in order to meet your requirements more effectively. For advice or more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Visit our web site today: www. A Century of Dedication and Enthusiasm… Inventor of the push-in fitting, Legris joined the Parker Hannifin Corporation, world leader in motion and control technologies, in October Optimising the transport and control of many fluids compressed air, liquids, gas through innovative product design has been the motto of our teams for more than years.

Our experience and expertise in the design, manufacturing and marketing of highquality connectors allow us to provide our customers with solutions adapted to a variety of applications. Legris Connectic: fittings, couplers, function fittings, valves, tubing and accessories for industrial applications. Legris Transair: air and fluid distribution systems for industrial buildings.

Legris Autoline: push-in connection solutions for automobile fuel lines. Our knowledge and expertise are deployed in a variety of sectors: production automation, packaging, transport, food process, and the medical industry. Through our many sales outlets, professionals are on hand to provide you with technical advice and to offer you a wide choice of products local to your sites.

Parker Legris is also involved in innovative sectors such as renewable energy, information and communication technologies. Your Applications Inspire Our Innovation Innovation is Parker-Legris' number one priority in order to provide solutions that meet your technological, energy reduction and environmental challenges.

Our expertise is continually improving We continually invest in our tools in order to anticipate market requirements in terms of industrial efficiency. Furthermore, our long-term partnerships with the most qualified organisations universities, skills hubs, etc. Lastly, constantly incorporating your needs into the design of our products keeps us at the forefront of the new industrial challenges.

This range guarantees the quality and non-contamination of the fluids conveyed, plus reduced operating costs. Developed for railway applications and demanding industrial markets, our new high strength flame-resistant tubing combines unequalled flame resistance with very high mechanical strength and ease of installation. The new range of energy-saving blowguns allows you to reduce the air flow, thus limiting its energy consumption while maintaining blowing efficiency.

Quality and Safety, the Basis of Our Commitment Our target is to provide our customers with the best solution and the highest quality. Invest in quality for increased productivity The cost of a production stoppage due to a defective part is greater than the cost of all the connectors in the machine. Choosing the quality of the components in your machine is thus of primary importance; it also guarantees the safety of your employees.

Furthermore, investing in quality increases your productivity over the long term and contributes to maintaining your brand image. Our products are fully inspected and dated individually during production in order to ensure quality and traceability.

Our company exceeds its statutory responsibilities with regard to the safety of individuals and systems. Our product ranges are designed with a high safety factor and comply with quality management processes.

Whether during the design phase, for promotion, or for administrative, business, or stock management of your components, our skills are here for you to use. Certificates of conformity for our products are available on our web site. Contact us for any further information you require.

Parker Hannifin Manufacturing France SAS, Fluid Systems and Connectors Europe is under no obligation to inform the European agency regarding the recording of any substance, given the regulatory requirements: -. Requests for quotations, stock availability, energy-saving calculators, searching for cross-references, etc. We can provide you with any promotional sales material you require: brochures, flash animations, sample kits, etc.

Integration of our product data into your information systems e-procurement, e-commerce site, etc. Directives and Regulations: the Parker Legris Offer Parker Legris complies with the directives and regulations listed below and goes beyond its statutory obligations for the ranges in question. REACH regulation: no. The use of our products in these areas must be determined in accordance with the ATEX environment. KTW: Kunststoffe und Trinkwasser Germany Guidelines for the health evaluation of equipment in contact with drinking water, assessment and certification carried out by the TZW.

W Food contact standard Germany Standard describing a test method for determining the microbial growth on non-metal materials designed to come into contact with drinking water. Test and certification carried out by the TZW. It describes specific measures per product group Art.

CFR Code of Federal Regulation Title Food and Drugs This code consists of lists of prohibited substances for materials intended to come into contact with foodstuffs. The Parker Legris product range offers compliance with numerous European standards associated in particular with the directives and regulations referred to above. We have incorporated improved environmental management as a permanent feature in the vision and mission of the company, aiming to benefit nature, technology and mankind.

Protecting natural resources By saving energy through the performance of our production facilities. Improving performance By changing habits in order to promote new materials and concepts. Asserting our values for the protection of the environment By having all our sites ISO certified in order to unify all our employees around clear objectives regarding the management of the environment.

Parker Legris has integrated environmental protection management into the operation of its industrial sites. Under its continuous improvement process, Parker Legris has integrated ecological design as an input parameter to innovation and uses Life Cycle Assessment LCA to optimise the environmental impact of its products. This communication tool is common to all industries and professions and delivers a reliable and clear message for promoting ecological advances and incorporating this data within the LCA equipment.

Parker Legris goes beyond its statutory obligations and endeavours to find a good match between choice of materials, limitation of hazardous substances, selection of recycling channels and industrial performance to encourage the recycling of products at end of life.

Flow represents the quantity of compressed air passing through a section per unit time. It is generally used as a reference for pressure measurements but varies with altitude. For tests and measurements, it is preferable to use absolute bar which relates to an absolute pressure.

The maximum allowable working pressure of a component is the effective pressure to which this component may be subjected in a given installation. The upstream pressure is the compressed air pressure at the component inlet. In order to have simple and usable values available for carrying out calculations and comparing the performances of pneumatic components, we use a flow factor called Kv.

This experimental factor characterises the flow capacity of a component. The flow factor Kv equates to a coefficient of conductivity - the higher its value, the better the flow provided by the component. The pressure is expressed in bar according to industrial practice. Vacuum appears when the atmosphere is rarefied. By removing the air from an enclosed space, a depression or vacuum is created relative to atmospheric pressure. Vacuum therefore relates to the state of a fluid where the pressure is less than atmospheric pressure.

Sealing is provided by an O-ring gasket or a sealing washer. This is an American standard taper thread which fits into the matching taper port. Sealing is provided by a pre-coating on the thread. Sealing is provided by an O-ring or a sealing washer. Principle and Advantages of Our Coupling Systems A very large number of technical solutions exist for connecting two pipes together. Leader in industrial connection systems, Parker Legris offers a very wide range of technologies and materials to cover all requirements.

Push-In Fittings Tube retention with gripping ring. Principle Connected and sealed simply by pushing the tube into the fitting. Disconnected by pushing on the release button. Advantages Allows flexible and modular systems to be produced quickly. Provides a compact and lightweight connection solution. Facilitates installation due to a swivelling body.

Reliability of the connection ensured through the one-piece design. Suitable for use with a wide range of tubes. Prolongs the lifespan of your systems. Principle Connection and sealing achieved by crimping a metal olive onto a tube. The seals are metal to metal. Advantages Can withstand very high pressures and temperatures. Allows all types of tube to be connected, both polymer and metal. Increases the lifetime of the coupling.

Principle A probe with an international profile connects the circuit to the coupler. Certain couplers have a safety device which enables the circuit to be vented before releasing the probe. Fluoropolymer: fluorinated ethylenepropylene Fluoropolymer: high purity and coloured perfluoroalkoxy FDA Fluoropolymer: perfluoroalkoxy filled with conducting particles.

This table is not exhaustive; you will find additional technical information in the various chapters of this catalogue which will enable you to select the product you need.

Part Number Identification The part numbers used for our product ranges are coded in such a way as to make it easy to identify any particular item. Detailed explanations of these part numbers can be found in the corresponding chapters. Nominal diameter code: equates to the outside diameter of the tube. Thread code: see tables page Nominal diameter code: equates to the bore diameter of the valve. Principle and Advantages of the Push-In Fitting The push-in fitting is the most intuitive way of connecting tubes to a fitting in order to create a fluid distribution network.

Thanks to its quick installation, versatility and exceptional lifespan, the push-in fitting contributes to improving machine efficiency. All straight connectors are fitted with an internal hexagon for ease of assembly with the use of an Allen spanner. This enables assembly in restricted spaces. The quality of the sealing material, selected specifically for the application, ensures excellent longevity of the fitting.


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In the meantime, we created this booklet in order to ensure that our customers had a summary of all our brand-new products Technical Tubing Polyurethane polyester tubing Polyurethane polyether tubing Polyamide tubing Related Products This tool is designed to give a clean cut at right angles to the tube axis and Replacement blades are available: part number 71 11 05, Parker Legris has a continuous product development policy and therefore reserves the right to modify products shown in this catalogue. Please treat all dimensions therefore as indicative. Parker Legris Connectie offers a comprehensive range of connection solutions; please consult our general catalogue or visit www. The Online Industrial Exhibition. Open the catalog to page 1.


Legris Catalogs

These fittings ensure reliable and compact connections as well as excellent robustness, particularly when combined with metallic ports. Parker Legris offers a wide range of tubing and hose to meet your application's requirements for the standard to the most demanding industrial applications, such as medical of clean rooms. The types of tubing and hose offered by Parker Legris include: polyamide, polyurethane, anti-spark, fluoropolymer, polyethylene, self-fastening, PVC, USP and ether clean tubing. Parker Legris function fittings flow control regulators, piloted function fittings, non-return valves, … allow you to exert even greater control over your installations. Compact, reliable and easy to install, these fittings can be used in various applications, including: food and beverage, in-plant automotive, printing, textile and water treatment industries, The Parker Legris range of ball valves, including standard, axial, and needle valves, provides a reliable means of opening and closing fluid systems. Modify the selected country.

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