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Simple Scalping System 64 replies. Attachments: Linuxtroll Simple Scalping. Exit Attachments. Linuxtroll Simple Scalping. Commercial Member Joined Mar 1, Posts. Dr C Winson invented a simple, fast and effective spot forex trading tool and technique. Simple and Smart method based on Information Security with solid risk management Attached Image click to enlarge.

Attached Images click to enlarge. Attached Images. Jul 14, am Jul 14, am. Joined May Status: Member Posts. Jul 14, pm Jul 14, pm. Quoting amenlo9. The Fxorce. My spreads are. Can you get more advanced in this thread?

Thank you for providing everything you've provided at oanda forums and here. Good to have you here. It really is that easy. Linux,how to confirm the trend on 1 min chart? Joined Aug Status: Member Posts. Linuxtroll, Glad to see you starting your own thread. I have been using "The Rainbow" and my trading is improving. I still make stooopid mistakes that I realize after the fact, but they are getting further apart.

Let me ask one question here if I may Let's say you have identified the direction on the 1m. This is what I have been doing and it seems to work almost every time due to price action. Movement, retracement, continuation of movement. Thanks, Stan. Jul 15, am Jul 15, am. Nice to see your tread Linuxtroll! So glad that you started this thread, LT! Wonderful to have you back. FXS Here's some eye candy for you. Quoting FXSurfer. Quoting Stan. Jul 16, am Jul 16, am. Scalpers try to run stops.

When near a support resistance we see volume move strongly through the support or resistance and that is where we scalp. Very commonly we see the support become the resistance and price moves up to touch the newly formed resistance then continues down. I have been watching John Carter's videos for a month or so and I see him doing this without saying it. Also I've been reading up on scalpers for a week and the best floor scalpers are trading this way and breakouts.

It seems the best traders are all scalpers that take profits quickly then move stop to breakeven. Catching a large run on the day does not happen often. Jul 16, pm Jul 16, pm. Joined Apr Status: Member 27 Posts.

This is gonna sound very stupid, but I dont understand whats going on here at all. I stumbled upon this from the GMMA thread and I have been using them with success on the longer time frames, but am def.

Can you guys point me in the direction of more info on this. I dont know, anyone want to take a stab a clarifying this mess or a question, etc. Joined Jun Status: Member Posts.

Can someone please explain how the rainbow should be interpreted, and exactly what it is indicating? I was able to download the template and it is indeed very pretty. But without instruction of any kind it is rather useless. Would be very much appreciated Jeff Singer, K2KV. Linux has been using them for a long time and obviously he is still kicking so must be doing well.

I made a comment about scalping around stop areas. Joined Jul Status: I deal in lead Posts. Quoting sublimeonskunk. Quoting k2kv. All 3 posts in this page hold the keys to a successful scalping Quoting xPiP.

Try it


The Only Pivot - page 119

All Rights Reserved. No part of this eBook shall be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted by any means, which includes but is not limited to any electronic means, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning or otherwise without written permission from the publisher. URL: www. Having the right tools such as 5 sec or xtick Cyrox Rainbow Chart, a live real-time feed from ECN, a direct-access broker and the motivation to place high probability trades are required for this strategy to be successful Scalping is very profitable for traders who decide to use it as a primary strategy or even those who use it to supplement other types of trading. Congratulations and thank you for purchasing this e-book and making one of the wisest investment decisions in your life. This e-book was written not just to teach you the mechanics of Linuxtroll Simple Scalping, but its main purpose is to make you money everyday and increase your wealth.


Trend Follower 5 Minute System

Nevertheless i'm and i'll always be a scalper and love the rainbow's troll. Linuxtroll Simple Scalping. I hope you like how much easier it is on the eyes. This is a big improvement over the last revision. Hope you like the revised indicator and can use it with this Method. If you trade a 1 hr or a 30min TF don tell me that you not sh..

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