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Author Farrukh Iqbal. Author Supriya Sarkar. Author Editor: Badar M Zaheer. The Interesting Cases in Clinical Medicine provides basic knowledge of various clinical problems that are faced by physicians.

It analyses appropriate Author Chaitanya Gupta. Author Ashfaq Ul Hassan. The DNB examinations are now seen as a reliable source for attaining higher qualifications and from a mere simple Exam has transformed into a high level This widely appreciated pocket book is a must for both the family physicians and even senior medical students both undergraduates and postgraduates. Author Chandrakant Lahariya. Author Sulochana Gunasheela. The revised edition of easy-to-remember collection is in the form of genuine mnemonic and not pseudo ones as one may come across in some books.

Author Anup Chalise. This book also covers one of the debated topics of problem-based learning. The book would be an easier experience for students and teachers alike.

This edition includes standardized content and flow of each chapter stressing on the disease epidemiology, vaccine indications, and global scenario of the Recognizing the vast expanse of the therapeutic paradigm in diabetes, we sought to bring out this clinical case compendium, which essentially attempts to use Author GR Sridhar. Every section starts with a chapter on assessment for better understanding of medicine with in-depth practical knowledge.

The revised third edition has also Author Vishnu Vignesvaran. It has some of the chapters presented in the e-format of the book along with multiple choice questions MCQs with Author Ved Prakash Kumra. Author Subrata Banerjee. Author Arun Gupta. Author Meenu Singh. Author Rajendra Prasad. This book was written with the aim of defining an approach to the diagnosis of common pulmonary diseases based on abnormal bronchoscopic findings.

The text Author Prisca Colaco. Author SK Gupta. Author Krishan Vij, Rajesh Biswas. Author UN Panda. Author SN Chugh. Author Swati Bhave. Author NV Dravid. Author D Behera. Author Keya R Lahiri. This book provides a state of art detailed descriptions of all basic bronchoscopic procedures enabling beginners and experienced to review all fundamental Author Alan S Maisel.

Author Shamanthakamani Narendran. This book have case histories along with relevant data from physical examination and investigative studies. Differential diagnosis has been constructed around Author ABM Abdullah. Medicine is an enormously expanding subject with no leaps and bounds. This new edition is designed with presentation of many common and uncommon medical Author Ghanshyam Goyal. The case studies described in this book will make it clear in the mind of the treating clinician that treating a diabetic foot is at times simple and at times Author Editors: Sanjay Chatterjee.

Every practising physician comes across at least once in his lifetime one patient on whom he can make an original scientific contribution. This is something Author Atul Kakar, Atul Gogia. There are many books on Internal Medicine, but not many have a case—based teaching approach.

Theoretical knowledge and factual information do add to Author Narinder Dev. Author T Dhinakaran. Clinical Approach to Renal Diseases in Diabetes looks into its magnitude, presentation, course and clinical aspects of diagnosis and therapy. The book is aimed The Clinical Atlas of Diabetes Mellitus is a must read book created with the idea of what is important for the physicians who take care of patients with The origin of this book is based on the students behavioral patterns and their increased nervousness during practical examination.

The percentage of success Author Pramila Kalra. Overall the Clinical Cases in Endocrinology is a fresh and scientific approach to endocrine cases as endocrinology should be practiced. The book will be of Author S Anuradha, K Rajeshwari. Author Ashok Garg. Author Y Sachdev.

Author Harmanjit Singh Hira. The book will provide a strong basis for basic understanding of bone and Author Om P Sharma. The book on selected problems in TB tends to elucidate special clinical approach to this global health problem.

Dealing from the epidemiology of TB infection Author Steven A Sahn. Clinical Focus Series' Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis opens with a brief historical account, followed by descriptions of epidemiologic, radiologic, Sarcoidosis is a multisystem granulomatous disease of unknown cause and unpredictable course.

Since the first description of the mysterious skin lesions of Author James E Hansen. Author Koya Lahiri. Author AK Agarwal. Author BB Rewari. Besides the The intention of bringing out Clinical Medicine Made Easy second edition is to help the undergraduates to get proper guidelines in making a good case record at Author Ashis Kumar Saha.

This book covers anatomy, physiology, symptoms, signs, investigations and clinical data analysis in a simple, lucid and easy-to-comprehend fashion. Author Gopakumar H, Reeshma Gopakumar. Author Rajendra Prasad, Nikhil Gupta.

This book was written with the aim of defining a practical approach to every aspect of tuberculosis. In total there are 50 chapters in the book. Author Kashinath Padhiary. In this edition, few more useful chapters have been added and the text of previous chapters has been revised. At places, things have been presented in a Author Ankit Gupta. Author KR Sethuraman. This is the most popular companion series among the medical students of Karnataka, India.

It is dedicated to deliver the latest questions of the Rajiv Gandhi Author Rajeev Chawla. Author Kumudini Mohan Ram. Author Mammun-Al-Mahtab. There is still a long way to go bringing sexual medicine to the remit of common everyday clinical practice.


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