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At Privateer Press, we firmly believe bigger is better-bigger models, bigger games, and bigger stakes. For more than half a decade we have been working on how and when to crank the dial up to 11, and finally the time is right. Colossals is here. It's time to go big. Easily the most notable additions to the game are the massive colossals themselves.

These warjacks are awesome, not only in scale but also in tabletop mlgtif. Each is a mobile weapons platform bristling with destructive power that commands respect and attention. With thick armor and double-sized damage grids, the colossals are able to endure punishment that could reduce entire battlegroups to wreck markers.

They can also perform two exciting new power attacks befitting their impact on the game: power strike and sweep. To say they have a major presence on the table would be an understatement. Colossals kick up the intensity in games of any size, but they truly begin to feel epic when fielded in large-scale battles of points or more. Now you can experience firsthand what it is like to command the earth-shaking armies of the Iron Kingdoms.

To lead these giant monstrosities of robot destruction and the massive forces supporting them onto the fields ofbattle, Colossals. Four of our most iconic characters have gone epic a second time to reflect how the twists and turns of. We are also excited to. Battles of this massive scale require stout and decisive leadership, and these warcasters fit the bill. They are going to need all their resolve and every technological advantage they can innovate as Cryx raises the stakes. Colossals is a project that has fueled a great deal of excitement at Privateer.

The colossais have been in variQUQ forms of development since well before Mk II, and we are thrilled to see them finally become a reality. With these giant death- dealing mountains of steel and steam and the Unbound rules for epic-sized battles, you have the tools to translate the escalating scale of the Iron Kingdoms setting to your tabletop.

Now take to the field and crush your enemy beneath your colossal might! Visit: www. For online customer service, email frontdesk privateerpress.

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Firs t printing: Marc h Printed in H ong Kong. ISBN: PIP Skarre leapt down from the low wall to land behind the bulky ManWar soldier, who whirled to face her only to be knocked off his feet as her horns smashed into his helmet.

He flew to the ground with a crash of heavy armor hitting cobblestones. The Khadoran kept a strong grip on his ice maul but was too slow to defend himself as the satyxis queen drove Takkaryx through his breastplate and into his heart. Satyxis blood witches charged from the shadowed alleyway to blindside the other ManWar corpsmen with their r sharpened blades, turning the blood of their own bodies against the enemy as the air filled with a red mist.

Skarre's Harrower emerged from behind the Winter Guard riflemen, scything through several with a single sweep of its claw. Those remaining fled with shocked looks, staggering toward the cover of a half-shattered wall. Skarre lazily lifted her hand cannon, fired a booming shot into the back of one, and watched him stagger another two steps and collapse in a heap. The Harrower fired a pulsing shot of necromantic darkness to explode into several more, while her satyxis raiders and blood witches finished off the rest of the ill- fated expedition.

She sighed in a dissatisfied way, taking none of the delight from this clash that the rest of the satyxis enjoyed. The sight of that weapon in Deneghra's hands always prompted fresh indignation from Skarre-it was a reminder of the treachery of the woman and her master, Asphyxious. Deneghra stepped forward and shook her head, an insincere smile visible below the masked helmet. You'll want to save your strength for when Venethrax arrives with his prize.

Don't be thinking I'll dance at yer whim. Where be Lich Lord Venethrax anyhow? I would like to get back to sea. It is unfortunate; I am weary of this city qnd would prefer to be gone as well. Point Bourp. There were more people here than could easily be turned into thralls, even with the necrosurgeons and necrotechs working tirelessly.

Skarre suspected they had long since filled every soul cage they had. My only interest is in stopping those they keep sending forth to interfere with our operations. It's not their own citizens being slaughtered.

Both Cygnar and Khador had periodically sent small patrols out into the city to test the Cryxian defenses and try to come to.

The others want a little payback. Skarre's eyes narrowed. Would like to give 'im a piece of my mind about this whole raid. Deneghra's voice was hard. Do not provoke either the Khadorans or the Cygnarans. Not until I tell you otherwise. Skarre took some satisfaction in having gotten under the wraith witch's skin.

If ye don't want my advice, we'll call it a day. I'll be back by the river should ye have need of me. Send a messenger when Venethrax arrives. Her satyxis followed swiftly behind her. Around him a mingled army of Steelheads. The current alliance was one of necessity forced upon him and the mercenary captain Amador Damiano. Kreoss had come to Rhydden to ensure the new temples and the converted Menites among the populace were protected from the oncoming Cryxian menace.

Damiano and his Steelheads had been hired to safeguard the city from all threats- among which they apparently counted Kreoss' army. After the mercenaries had proven unwilling to allow him access to the city, Kreoss had reluctantly entered battle with Captain Damiano an,d-the defenders of Rhydden, but the arrival of Lich Lord Terminus and a monstrous host of undead had cut the fighting short. Faced with the greater threat, Kreoss and Damiano had ended their own conflict to stand together against the lich lord.

Together they had blunted the impact of the first Cryxian advance, but at a heavy toll. Kreoss had expected the dead to simply overwhelm them with a crushing onslaught of numbers. He had committed to the battle knowing very well it might be his last. Yet Terminus had broken off the initial attack and regrouped, a tactic entirely at odds with what they had come to expect from Cryx-and Terminus' reputation.

Kreoss had taken advantage of the short reprieve to send a messenger toward the nearest encampment. Two nightmarish days of intermittent battle had followed, with the undead attacking in staggered waves for hours at a time. Although his forces had kept the enemy outside Rhydden itself, the men were exhausted and fewer in number with every clash.

It was clear to Kreoss that unless he could find a way to change the dynamic of this battle, their defeat was inevitable. The Steelheads and Exemplars braced for another charge from the massed mechanithralls.

Overhead, Kreoss heard Rhydden's battlement cannons thunderously discharge, sending their projectiles shrieking into the Cryxians. Kreoss ordered Fire of Salvation forward. The men in front of the 'jack moved aside to allow it room to swing its great flaming mace.

Kreoss, too, moved forward, taking a position among several Exemplar knights. Under his breath he offered a silent prayer to Menoth, using the mantra to focus his will and make it tangible.

Holy fire bloomed to life around him, licking along the edges of the Exemplar relic blades. The undead rushed forward, heedless of the swords and halberds arrayed against them. They struck the Exemplar and Steelhead line, driving it back a step, but failed to gain appreciable ground. Then the tide of battle changed, and the defenders pushed back, hacking down mechanithralls. Kreoss focused his attacks on the few bonejacks mixed in with the lesser Cryxian troops, channeling his will into Justifier to bolster each skewering thrust.

A dozen yards away, Fire of ' Salvation swung its mace in wide, sweeping arcs at Kreoss' mental urging, swiftly reducing a dozen thralls to burnt flesh and charred mechanika. It looked to Kreoss like Terminus was probing their lines for a weak point where.


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Warmachine: Colossals

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Warmachine is a tabletop steampunk [1] wargame produced by Privateer Press. The game is played with white metal and plastic miniatures manufactured by Privateer Press representing military characters from the Iron Kingdoms setting. Battles are fought between warcasters from rival nations, the large steam-powered warjacks that the warcasters control, and troops consisting of humans and fantasy races. A compatible companion game involving the savage factions is named Hordes. Warmachine ' s most distinctive feature is the inclusion of Warcasters and Warjacks the war machines from which the game derives its name. Warjacks, or 'jacks for short, are techno-steam powered constructs designed for waging war. They are, in general, powered by a coal-burning steam engine and guided by an arcane supercomputer-like "brain" called a cortex.



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